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Recruiting The Very Best For Your Company – 4 Ways Progressive Companies Find Good People

Convincing the best and most talented people to join your company should be the goal of any business owner or manager, but achieving this objective is far from easy. While you may think you know what qualities you’re looking for, there are other “X Factors” to consider. After all, you not only want the new employee to perform at their top potential, but you also want them to fit in at your company and stick around for the long term. It can be challenging to find the right person for a position, but you can recruit the best employees with a few tips.


  1. Focus on the Perfect Job Description: You’re not just hiring a person to fill a position; you’re embarking on a search to find someone that fits well with your company atmosphere and will grow with your organization. A well-developed, future-oriented job description is the first step in recruiting best practices, as it helps you narrow down the qualifications you’re seeking in a candidate; it also helps the candidate understand expectations. Write the job description even before you assign a title to it, as these labels can be misleading.
  1. Use Your Employees: Your current team members can be a great source to help you recruit the best employees. They’re familiar with your company culture and any colleague they might recommend as a good fit for your business. You might even consider incentivizing your employees to bring in the brightest talent, such as offering a cash award or gift card. But the benefit extends beyond money for your employees: They also gain an advantage by making your entire team better.
  1. Get Involved in Online Communities: There’s a wealth of talent interacting online on social media and other communities, so it’s smart to get involved with conversations when recruiting for your company. See who’s following some of the thought leaders in your industry on Twitter and filter through people who are commenting on your Facebook posts. LinkedIn has several tools intended to help you recruit top talent and encourage them to apply for open positions.
  1. Start Onboarding Early: If you start onboarding new employees the same day they arrive on the job, you’re already too late. Plans to welcome hires should start well before you make a job offer – and even before you start reviewing candidate resumes. Examples of early onboarding efforts might be posting your company mission statement on your website, uploading day-in-the-life videos on your social media profiles and listing answers to common questions asked by your existing employees. Also, be sure to prepare a welcome packet to candidates you officially hire so they know what to expect on their first day.

These recruiting best practices can help you develop a strong, loyal team of employees, but you can also get some support from the right technology. Recruitment and hiring tools assist with tracking qualified candidates, from the early application process through to interviewing and onboarding. Paypro offers a comprehensive suite of workforce management solutions, including recruiting tools, automated interview scheduling and applicant tracking. Please contact us with questions.

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