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The world around us is evolving at an exponential rate. Many of the tasks that used to require traveling to a specific location can now be accomplished from your smartphone or tablet. This includes everyday errands like banking or shopping, but also many of the duties you perform at work. The integration of browser-based cloud platforms for things like CRM and HCP mean you don’t have to be chained to your office anymore, but can do much of your job mobily. Here are a few reasons embracing mobile technology in the workplace is a good idea.

1.  Flexibility. This is the most basic reason for integrating mobile technology. It opens you up to new possibilities. A lot of  employees these days need to balance work and family. They may need to stay home with the kids a couple of days a week, pick them up early from school, run a few errands, etc. It used to be that that meant missing work and losing productivity. But now that you can access most of your duties from anywhere, on any device, you have the freedom to set a much more flexible schedule. Work from home a couple of days a week, come into the office a couple of days, and even spend one day out in the field working directly with customers. Leave a little early, come in a little late, but you can still clock in and start working, even before you reach the office. This schedule flexibility is incredibly beneficial for your employees, allowing them to raise both their productivity and morale, by reducing their time away from work, and the ensuing worry that that would generate.

2.  Recruiting. Embracing mobile technology makes recruiting easier for a variety of reasons. First of all, the aforementioned flexibility will attract a number of candidates who might otherwise be deterred by a traditional “9 to 5 at the office” job. Second of all, it means you don’t need to limit yourself to applicants that are in your city or geographical area. Someone across the country can clock in and do exactly the same work as someone at your local office. You can even open up your talent pool to include freelancers who work from home on a project by project basis. Your hiring options become a lot more plentiful when they’re not restricted by geographical location.

3.  Collaboration. Mobile technology allows you to collaborate with coworkers, other businesses, and more, in ways that have never before been possible. An employee who’s been sent to a conference across the country no longer has to wait until they get home to put together a presentation of their findings. They can Skype in daily from their smartphone, directly from the conference, to show the rest of the company firsthand what’s going on. You can send design specs to a business partner on the other side of town and work on them together, each from your own tablet, trying out new ideas and suggestions in real time. And a freelancer in another state can be seamlessly integrated into a locally-based project team, functioning just as well as if they were in the same room as all the others. When location isn’t a factor, the sky’s the limit.

There are a host of ways in which you can integrate mobile technology into your business. Even if all of your employees do still come into the office every day, just the opportunity to bring and work from their own device can help them work more efficiently and increase productivity. The face of the 21st century workplace is rapidly changing and expanding. Will you expand with it, or be left behind?

Paypro WorkforceONE® Solution offers you a mobile app that can be download from the app store. Giving you access to your payroll anytime, anywhere! You can clock in remotely, request time off/ approve time off all within the app from your phone or tablet. Contact us today to learn more, we are here to simplify your workforce.

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