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Certified For IRS Business Acceptance Testing. Only 1 Out Of 25 Payroll Companies Can Say That.

Our team of tax experts provides step-by-step assistance to simplify the process for timely, accurate tax filing every pay cycle. Our IRS Authorized software for small businesses offers direct e-filing using a mobile-friendly, web-based interface. You’ll also have access to integrated reports with other software modules such as time tracking and payroll systems.

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Complete and submit year-end W-2s for your employees. Ensure accurate information is provided to the IRS for each employee’s total wages and the taxes withheld.

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Automatically correct misfiled W-2s when errors are made. Offer your employees peace of mind that the information they submit with their tax filings is correct.

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If your business makes nonemployee compensation payments of $600 or more to at least one payee, you may use this form to report payments. The form also applies to withheld federal income tax from nonemployee payments. Paypro ensures your 1099-NEC forms are filed accurately and that all independent contractors receive their copy.

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Quickly submit 1099-MISC forms with accurate data for any payments made of at least $600 to individuals or LLCs covering costs such as rent, legal settlements, or award/prize winnings.

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File federal unemployment tax annual reports accurately calculated with state adjustments. This is the ideal solution for companies operating across different states, ensuring you are up to date for all requirements wherever you operate and pay staff.

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Our IRS-approved 941 e-filing allows you to meet quarterly deadlines. You can accurately calculate sick and family leave as well as employee refundable and non-refundable retention credits.

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Avoid Misfiling In Every State

Be sure every filing is accurate based on state tax laws using our payroll tax compliance software and access to our customer support. Our payroll tax experts address any questions you have about filing so your team can work with confidence.

State Tax Law Compliance

Paypro offers IRS, state-authorized e-filing payroll software specifically created to remain state compliant. Save time and avoid the confusion of payroll challenges when operating across several states. You’ll also always be up to date on required withholding laws to avoid penalties or underpayments.

Do Away With Tax Consultant Fees

Save time and money with payroll software that integrates recommendations for tax filing best practices for every state. Feel confident with every tax filing without the added costs and time of working with a tax consultant.

Constant Payroll Auditing

Our payroll tax specialists proactively monitor every payroll, with one-on-one assistance available with our tax specialists. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that fees are accurate and everything is filed on time every pay cycle.

Avoid Misfiling In Every State

Questions About Payroll Tax Filing?

How much is employer payroll tax? What percentage do employers pay?

Employer payroll tax totals 15.3%, 7.65% is remitted by the employer, and 7.65% is withheld from employees’ paychecks.

How does payroll tax work?

Every company with salaried employees must issue a payroll tax filing. The taxes make up 24.2% of the combined federal, state, and local government revenue. Employers withhold federal income tax using the most recent withholding table. Employers deposit federal income tax, social security/Medicare taxes, and FUTA taxes based on their business and withholding requirements.

What are the penalties for misfiling?

It depends on the type of penalty. For example, accuracy-related penalties are 20% of the tax filing. Late payroll tax payments from one to five days is 2% of the unpaid tax, six to 15 days is 5%, and over 16 days it jumps to 10%. Missing deadlines for 1099 forms range from $50 for 30 days to $260 for filing after August 1. Interest is also applied from the time of the submission deadline.

Where does payroll tax go?

12.4% of the tax funds Social Security and federal unemployment insurance, and 2.9% funds Medicare.

What is the difference between income tax and payroll tax?

Income taxes are charged separately to the employee based on their income and living circumstances, while payroll taxes are shared between the employee and employer, and cover Social Security and Medicare.

Automated Payroll Tax Compliance

Paypro’s payroll tax software identifies mistakes in real time to avoid penalties and ensure you remain compliant. You also have the support of our tax account experts behind you at each filing.

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