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Cutting Edge Tools For Employee Management

The best employee management software allows the HR team to take their workflow to the next level by drastically reducing time consuming tasks, ensuring the highest level of accurate data collection and analytics, and making critical decision making easy.

HR Resized

Full-Service HR Management, Full Integration

From workflow optimization and planning to analytics and reporting, our employee management system gives you fuller control over managing your employees’ needs. Our system works with third-party software you already use so you don’t have to disrupt already established processes.

Benefits Sourcing

Reduce employee churn and attract top talent with benefits management solutions that integrate custom solutions from various providers.

Benefit Administration

Employees make their own changes, access information, and browse their options effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, reducing administrative demand on your HR team.

Succession Planning

Identify key employees suited to move up in the ranks and fill in holes as employees retire or resign.


Our proprietary payroll software audits every pay cycle so our expert team can catch errors before they happen.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Efficiently manage and automate the applicant tracking process to ensure ideal candidates never fall through the cracks. Streamline the new hire onboarding process with personalized milestones for each role.

“There is a risk management aspect to HR. Our worst nightmare is litigation. So being able to use a software system that aids you in being compliant gives peace of mind that’s hard to put a value on.”

— Mary D.

A Comprehensive Employee Management Solution

With an expansive suite of features available, we’ll consult with you to help you prioritize the ones you need most.

More Automation

From workflow optimization to career growth planning, make data-based decisions based on customized reporting options.

Database Management, Applicant Tracking, and More

Efficiently manage and automate the applicant tracking process using our ATS software to sort and organize candidate pools. Avoid wasted time for your HR team with automated workflows that allow them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Free up Manager Time With Automated Onboarding

Empower new hires to succeed with self-guided features and checklists designed to provide consistent, professional and success-oriented onboarding. 

Questions About Our Employee Management System?

What should I look for in an employee management system?

The main goal of any HCM system is to make your HR team more efficient. Your new system should integrate with existing processes and software while automating tasks related to:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Database Management
  • Benefits Administration and Management

You want a customizable system that allows you to add and remove features as needed.

How will I learn to use Paypro’s employee management system?

We’ll walk your HR team through every feature you’d like to use. Once your team is comfortable navigating the application, we’ll also show you how to customize the software to make workflows more efficient as well as sync with your existing databases. 

What is the difference between HRMS and HCM?

HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System, while HCM stands for Human Capital Management. In theory, they are interchangeable terms, offering the same basic features and functions. However, an HRMS incorporates some wider aspects, such as self-serve benefits, benefits administration, recruiting, and training.  

What is the difference between HRMS and HRIS?

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. It is considered the cream of the crop for HR software solutions delving into every aspect an HRMS offers but with even more functions, including time and labor management as well as payroll processing and taxes.  

What is the difference between HRMS and ATS?

HRMS is focused on employee data and HR management, while an ATS is an Applicant Tracking System used in the recruitment process. Once someone is hired, their information is managed using HRMS or HRIS systems.

What is the difference between HRMS and ERP?

An ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning tool designed for use in business management, while an HRMS is specific to the management of employees.

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