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White Glove Administration



Your Benefits Offering Plays A Crucial Role In Employee Retention And Attracting Top Talent – And Nobody Likes Wasting Time On Frustrating Administrative Paperwork.


When you partner with Paypro our specialized benefit administrators oversee every aspect of your benefits offering, providing White Glove management and highly responsive customer service to save your team’s valuable time and make the process as smooth as possible.


Employee Benefit Implementation


The competition to recruit skilled workers and then successfully onboard them and retain them is a costly endeavor. At Paypro our White Glove Benefit Management team has tapped into the key elements of successful employee retention, helping our clients build intelligent workforces armed with the skills to help you reach operational excellence. 


We offer the support you need to discover, implement and administer highly competitive employee benefits solutions ridding your HR team of the guesswork involved in effective benefits administration. Our White Glove services provide ongoing support and expertise in hand with integrated software for end-to-end solutions that simplify benefits enrollment, deductions, and more.


Work with Top TPAs


Paypros team of talented, specialized TPAs are your partners in success. We take the time to understand your workforce and the needs of your employees to build a stronger, happier team ready to drive your business forward. We reduce the cost of recruiting skilled workers by helping you retain your most valuable team members. However, our White Glove Benefit Management also provides an edge over the competition to help you attract the right people to help your business thrive. 


COBRA Employee Benefits


If you have 20 or more employees, you are required to offer COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) insurance to your employees. This continued health insurance coverage provides much-needed insurance in the case where an employee’s hours are reduced, or they lose their job. In an unpredictable economy, this helps provide the financial support required when income is reduced. However, COBRA employee benefits also present administrative challenges for small business owners. Our experts can answer your questions about COBRA employee benefits, to help you better understand the complicated regulations and how they apply to your business. If your team finds it difficult to navigate the laws regulating COBRA, we can help ensure you are in full compliance.


Employee Benefit Compliance


Your team faces the ongoing challenge of keeping up with the constantly changing U.S. regulatory landscape. Paypro understands it takes time and attention to keep up with shifting rules, regulations, and standards – time small businesses can’t afford. This is at the heart of  Paypro’s White Glove compliance consulting service. 


The Power of White Glove Benefit Management


Now more than ever small businesses require expertise and support to guide them through the complicated world of benefits compliance and COBRA regulations. At Paypro we have been offering HR and benefit management solutions for over 30 years. 


Our White Glove service is borne from the desire to offer ongoing support to businesses struggling with the constant changes that make it impossible to remain compliant. We become valuable partners who take on the burden of remaining up to date on industry regulations, so you no longer face the cost and administrative nightmare of litigation.

Get Started With Paypro

Now is the time to regain control of your benefits program and find support from a team of benefits and COBRA experts. Paypro’s White Glove Benefits Management is customized to meet your needs. Our end-to-end solutions empower you to nurture a skilled workforce and take the guesswork out of benefits administration and compliance.