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Payroll Software For Medium-Sized Business

Paypro’s IRS-approved integrated payroll software for medium-sized businesses eliminates error-prone manual tasks, saves time and money, and streamlines your payroll process, including tax filing, direct deposit, benefits, expenses, bonuses, and more..

Tax Compliance In Any State

Paypro’s IRS, state-authorized e-filing payroll software, is based on individual state tax laws. When operating across several states, you’re always up to date on the latest withholding laws to avoid penalties and underpayments while making tax filing easier for your employees.

Tax Compliance In Any State

Time And Attendance Tracking

Integrate tracking function into your payroll system with software that provides real-time, automatic updates as employees clock in and out. Employees enjoy the convenience of a web-based system, while payroll teams and managers can access the data capture when needed. 

Time And Attendance Tracking

Self Service

Self-service means individuals don’t need to rely on your HR team to access time tracking, benefits, and self-driven education and training. Paypro’s self-serve employee portal empowers your team to access the information they need to manage their benefits from our user-friendly platform.

Self Service

Employee Onboarding

Improve your onboarding processes to elevate new hire engagement and reduce churn. Paypro’s workforce management software creates success-driven work environments where new employees are engaged from the start, using state-of-the-art self-guided training apps. Leverage self-serve employee portals with career goal-setting capabilities to encourage long-term success for a stronger team.

Employee Onboarding

How Our Payroll Software Helps Medium-Sized Businesses

Paypro mid-sized company payroll software helps your business thrive with an integrated payroll solution, providing the features you need to remain scalable. Your team is free of time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks with payroll automation.


  • Data Security

Secure data is a top priority, ensuring your most sensitive employee data is protected. Our graded security levels are assigned to each person accessing your system. Kronos Private Cloud (KPC) data centers use leading-edge, innovative firewalls and secure infrastructures to protect your data.


  • Direct Deposit & Payment

Our system is designed to streamline tax filing with easy direct deposit setup. You can also effortlessly align payroll with accounting software to ensure you cover tax payments to avoid fines and penalties.


  • Tax Filing

Paypro’s payroll software for medium-sized businesses meets IRS Business Acceptance Testing requirements and is legal and tax-compliant. As a result, it provides continuous auditing with every payroll cycle to avoid unexpected year-end tax balances. Our tax specialists provide ongoing support guiding the process to ensure filings are accurate and filed on time using our IRS-approved 941 e-filing.


  • Mobile Access & Self Service

Today’s hybrid workforces include remote workers who need secure access to information. Our secure cloud-based system provides 24/7 access to real-time payroll data protected by our customizable security levels.


  • Paypro Powered by UKG Ready

Paypro is powered by UKG Ready which offers leading-edge features to manage all your HR and payroll needs with secure mobile access, personalized support, automated payroll, an HR employee database, and employee performance management.

Dedicated Agents To Support Your Medium-Sized Business

Paypro’s dedicated agents provide training and ongoing support so you can run payroll from start to finish. We are there for every pay cycle, identifying mistakes in real-time. Our agents make proactive calls to discuss errors so you can adjust your filing to avoid costly year-end surprises.

Medium Business Workforce Management FAQs