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Retail HR & Payroll Software

Streamline your payroll and HR processes with our single-platform retail workforce management solution. Paypro offers custom automations and integrations with dedicated support and world-class implementation that will set you apart from the competition.

Schedule To Demand Levels

Estimating future customer demand in a retail setting is a crucial component of maintaining a favorable ROI. Our software analyzes a range of internal and external variables that impact demand to give you the most accurate projections possible as you assess staffing needs.

Forecast Demand Levels

Compliance With Local Regulations

Different retail locations are required to comply with the local by-laws and regulations, which can be a complicated process. Our software will ensure you’re always in compliance, and make the process simple and straightforward, even if you have multiple locations that are subject to different rules.


Employee Management

Mismanaged staff levels in a retail environment can end up seriously affecting the bottom line. When you use our retail workforce management software, that won’t be a problem, and you’ll always have just the right amount of flexibility on the floor, including part time employees.

Inventory Management


Our retail payroll software makes the process of paying employees, whether by paycheck or direct deposit, as simple and straightforward as possible. With everything you need all in a single self-service platform and automated functions from start to finish, the business of running payroll has never been easier. Effectively manage labor costs.


Mobile Workforce Management

Does your business have mobile workers? As more and more companies embrace the concept of a mobile workforce, having a high-quality mobile workforce management platform is crucial. You can keep all your mobile workers engaged and productive using our mobile app.

Mobile Workforce Management

How Our WFM Software Helps Retail Companies

Our workforce management software helps both large and small businesses by making several day-to-day processes smooth and streamlined. When your operations, HR, and payroll are contained in a single platform that’s easy to access and simple to use, you’ll save valuable time and money every single month. Plus, Paypro is powered by UKG Ready, so you’ll have a wide range of industry-leading tools and features at your disposal when you need them.


  • Employee and customer retention

It’s no secret that the retail industry can have a high employee turnover rate, and customer loyalty can also be an issue that affects revenue and profits. With our retail workforce management software in place, you’ll have solutions and employee benefits options to keep both employees and customers engaged over the long term.


  • Improve Profitability

In the retail world, navigating profit margins can be like walking a tightrope. There is always a multitude of factors to consider, and it doesn’t take much to move the needle one way or the other. When you trust our WFM software for retail businesses, you can expect streamlined solutions that increase profitability.


  • Outsourced payroll

Outsourcing payroll offers a range of important benefits, like saving time, reducing costs, minimizing compliance risks, enhancing security, building payroll continuity, payroll tax calculations, and reducing stress levels. Our retail payroll software allows you to take the pressure off your internal team for an effective process everyone will love.


  • Industry analytics & insights

In-depth analytics, time tracking, and insights will help you stay ahead of the competition in your specific retail industry. With detailed reports and analyses, you’ll be able to project and plan more efficiently to stay ahead of the curve and be the leader in your industry.


  • Track time & attendance

One of the biggest challenges retail managers have is accurately tracking the time and attendance of their employees. The tools and features of our retail workforce management software helps business owners with employee scheduling while tracking time and attendance effortlessly, so there is never any confusion.


  • Standardize onboarding & training

Making sure your onboarding and training process is uniform across the board will enable you to better serve customers and set your new hires up to succeed right from the start. Working with us means you can have standardized onboarding and training protocols so all of your employees follow the same processes and act in accordance with your company core values.

Reliable HR For The Retail Industry

The retail industry represents a special segment of the business world that requires a special solution for human resources and payroll management. You can give yourself an advantage over your competition by adopting our single-platform retail workforce management software and integrating it into your current system. You’ll have access to the most prolific tools and features that streamline and simplify your HR and payroll processes, in addition to reliable support and customer service when you need it.

Retail Workforce Management FAQs