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Time And Attendance Software For Modern Workforces

Ready to throw out those manual time cards? Get a timekeeping solution that adjusts to your organization’s needs on-the-fly.

Benefits Resized

Looking For Cost-Saving And Intuitive Time And Attendance Software That Evolves With Your Business?


Modern Timekeeping

Punch cards and manual time tracking have no place in a modern work environment. An automated, software-based solution helps your organization save time on attendance tracking, avoid human errors, and mitigate fraud and time theft.

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Customized Solution

Your business is unique. So why use a generic time and attendance tracking system? At Paypro, we recognize that there is no out-of-the-box solution to fit your company’s needs. That’s why we work with you to create a custom solution to help you track time, attendance, scheduling, and employee leave.

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Backend Reporting

You need backend reporting that is specific to your business. Our time and attendance software solutions help you track the data and metrics that matter most with customized reporting and analytics. Access to reliable, accurate data helps your HR teams make impactful hiring decisions and mitigate compliance risks.

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Employee Leave

Employee absence is a part of doing business. But failing to manage employee leave can have disruptive affects on workflows, productivity, and morale. Unlike manually tracking leave with spreadsheets or journals, Paypro’s time and attendance software tracks employee leave in real-time and constantly monitors for potential FMLA compliance risks.

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Scheduling is a constant challenge for managers. Under-scheduling leaves teams stretched thin and more prone to mistakes. Over-scheduling leaves workers with little to do and inflates labor costs. With our automated system, you’ll streamline the scheduling process—all while making sure each of your employees’ feels like their needs are met and work-life balances are respected.

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Time Clocks

Our digital, cloud-based time clock software uses push technology, allowing you to see who’s clocked in or clocked out in real-time. Enjoy an accurate time clocking system that integrates breaks seamlessly and mitigates the risk of fraud, buddy punching, and time theft.

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Accurate, Effective Time And Attendance Systems


Boost Efficiency

Paypro’s software lets you completely automate time and attendance, eliminating an age-old time sink for managers and HR professionals. Instead of spending hours piecing together schedules, handling time-off requests, and resolving time clock disputes, your managers can focus on more important tasks that help your company’s bottom line.  

Empower Teams

Stay competitive in the labor market by offering employees a modern and transparent tool for time and attendance management. With our software, your employees can see their schedules, track hours worked, request time off, and clock in all in one place. And with all the data available in real-time, your teams will be confident that they’re getting paid for every minute they work. 

Stay Compliant 

Eliminate your company’s risk of being noncompliant with accurate tracking of hours worked, paid time off, sick leave, overtime, and holiday pay. Our software notifies you before you make a compliance error, so you can quickly correct course and avoid fees or fines.

Accurate, Effective Time And Attendance Systems

Questions About Paypro’s Time And Attendance Software?

What are the benefits of time and attendance systems?

Using a software solution for time and attendance helps with all shift-related reporting, job costing, and benefits tracking. They help your employees and HR save valuable time on payroll. Finally, they help you maintain accurate payroll reporting and data, which helps mitigate FLSA compliance risks. 

What are the drawbacks of manual time tracking?

Relying on your teams to input their time and attendance information means constant human error. Inaccurate data makes it hard to make data-based decisions and make forecasts.

Will Paypro’s time and attendance software work for my business?

We recognize that every business is different. During your consultation, we’ll go over your company’s unique needs and processes and design a customized solution designed to work with your existing structure.

How do employees clock in and out using Paypro’s time and attendance software?

Our solution uses biometric time clocks—which means your employees can’t clock in until they are physically present at work. Biometric time clocks eliminate the common time theft strategy of buddy punching. If you’re not interesting in biometric hardware, your employees can also clock in via mobile app, desktop, point-of-sale terminals, or call-in.

What is time theft? 

Time theft is any instance where an employee is paid for time they weren’t present at work or not performing their job while at work. It’s estimated that the average employer loses 4.5 hours per work per employee due to time theft. Popular time theft methods like buddy punching often occur at companies that use manual time and attendance systems.

Customizing The Perfect Time And Attendance System For Your Business

At Paypro, we’ll listen to your needs and design a customized solution that integrates seamlessly into your company’s processes.

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