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Smart, Software-Based Leave Management System

Track and approve vacation, paid time off, and employee leave in one simple system.

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Leave Management Software For The Modern Workforce


Streamlined Leave Management

Manual spreadsheets and planners leave your organization at risk for staffing errors that can negatively affect your payroll. Our leave management software accurately tracks all forms of leave—planned or unplanned—and updates in real-time across desktops, laptops, and mobile apps.

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Vacation Tracking

Offering vacation time helps you compete in the labor market, but keeping track of vacation days can bog down your HR managers. Vacation tracking software makes life easier by tracking an employee’s remaining vacation days and delivering relevant notifications as employees reach their allotted time cap.

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PTO Tracking

Paypro’s PTO tracking software lets your HR team effortlessly manage, schedule, and track paid time off. It also ensures your employees are appropriately compensated while accurately tracking their PTO usage.

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Document Generation

Creating documentation for leave-related issues is meticulous and leaves your team open to errors. With our system, you can generate FMLA-related medical certification forms and customizable disciplinary action letters on the fly using professional templates.

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Don’t let information delays throw off your HR management system. With a software solution, you’ll automatically receive alerts for policy violations, potential FMLA cases, and time-off requests.

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Eligibility Determination

With real-time employee attendance tracking, Paypro’s software automatically determines your employees’ eligibility for sick time, vacation time, and leave at the state, local, and company levels.

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Avoid Employee Tracking Errors

Easy Implementation

Converting your leave tracking spreadsheet to an automated leave management system doesn’t need to be intimidating. Our leave management software can pull data directly from your spreadsheets, making implementation simple and straightforward. You’ll have support from a Paypro professional every step of the way. 

Save Time

Your HR team has more important things to do than stress over employee leave. With a leave management system, your teams will have instant real-time access to the information they need to make quick decisions, maintain productivity and focus on the big picture. 

Built For People

Give your employees more control over their work-life balance. Set up your leave management system to allow employees to view their available sick days, vacation days, and other accrued leave and create requests directly in the software.

Always Compliant

Our leave management system runs your data against collective bargaining agreements, the Family Medical Leave Act, and state leave laws to ensure your organization remains compliant. 

Eliminate Errors

Manual leave tracking systems are error-prone. With a software solution, you can accurately compensate your employees for approved leave 100% of the time. And since the software is tied into your attendance system and time clock, you’ll know that each employee’s PTO and vacation time are completely accurate.

Avoid Employee Tracking Errors

Questions About Paypro’s Leave Management Software?

What is employee leave management software?

Employee leave management software replaces manual leave tracking with an automated system designed to save your teams time and reduce costly payroll errors. Modern leave management software lets you handle sick time, unplanned absences, vacation days, PTO, and compliance all in one place.

How will leave management software help my company?

Paypro’s employee leave management software automatically incorporates sick time, vacation, unscheduled absences, and other factors in your company’s payroll. With our software solution, you won’t need to chase down employees to confirm absences—it’s all tracked and easily accessible in the system. 

How can employees use leave management software?

If you make Paypro’s leave management software accessible, employees can use the system to plan their own leave, which can help HR managers spend time on more important work. 

Which devices can run Paypro’s leave management system?

Paypro’s leave management software can be leveraged across all relevant devices including desktops, laptops, and smart phones using our free HCMToGo mobile app.

Can I integrate Paypro’s leave management software with my current system?

Absolutely! Paypro’s leave management software is fully customizable and can work to fit your company’s current processes. Setting up the software is easy, too. Our implementation experts work with your HR team to tailor-fit the software to your company’s needs, so you can be up and running with as short a learning curve as possible.

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