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How Reimagining Time Clocks Can Revolutionize Your Business

Manual timekeeping has now gone digital, get instant snapshots of your workforce's time activities with the latest in timeclock innovation.

Does Your Business Need To Embrace Modern Time Clock Systems?

  • Not every business needs the same time clock solution. Your business has specific needs that make some popular solutions a poor fit.
  • Do you spend too much time on time clock reconciliation issues? Manual time clock systems are prone to human error. Disagreements over time-tracking issues can lead to fiction.
  • Our time clocks use push technology which means you can see who is clocked in or out in real-time instead of refreshing your device or worse, waiting for batched data from traditional clocks which only lets you see a snapshot of your workforce once or twice a day.
  • You know your competition is already enjoying the benefits of a modern time clock solution. Don’t fall behind.
  • You need an employee time clock system which is easy to use, can grow with your business and saves money.

The Benefits of Switching Away from Manual Time Clocks

  • In some workplaces manual time clocks simply aren’t feasible. If your employees work with heavy machinery and grease, or in a sterile work environment, touching a time punch system or card slows down production.
  • Manual time clock systems are prone to human error. Making the switch will help you to improve your time-tracking accuracy and use the data collected to make strategic, data-backed workforce decisions.
  • Reduce friction by providing peace of mind in an accurate and reliable time clock system. Employees are able to view their time, clock in and out and even access their data from the convenience of a mobile application.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud. Manual time clock systems are easy to manipulate. In fact, through error, employees can accidentally inflate their time, leading to uncomfortable situations for companies and employees alike. A modern system provides detailed logs and peace of mind.

How Can Modern Time Clock Systems Save You Money?

  • Buddy punching is completely eliminated. This reduces the risk of fraud, as buddy punching is one of the most common forms of workforce time fraud. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your workforce systems are more secure.
  • Streamlines transitions from work to break, and back to work. A straightforward modern time clock system will allow employees to easily clock in and out from breaks and back to work significantly reducing missed punches.
  • Reduces disagreements. Anyone that has used manual systems knows that HR teams digging through timecards to find discrepancies or identify issues can end up being a huge part of their day. Reduce these disagreements by investing in a system that handles these tasks for you.
  • Improved labor coverage. Avoid under-scheduling and over-scheduling entirely. Ensure that you have enough people to hit your production goals without inflated labor costs.

Modern Innovations In Time Clocks At Your Fingertips

  • Modern time clock systems utilize cloud technology across web and mobile platforms and share data with payroll in real-time.
  • Modern solutions are more accurate and more reliable. Traditional systems are prone to human error from both employees and the HR teams that process and handle information.
  • Modern systems provide improved data security. Physical time cards are a security and fraud risk.

Biometric Time Clocks

  • This employee time clock system utilizes a sophisticated machine capable of scanning fingerprints.
  • These eliminate any possibility of buddy punching. The employee needs to be physically present to clock in and out of the system.
  • By integrating your biometric time clock to existing security systems, you can reduce security risks and protect your business from outside access.
  • Biometric time clocks provide quick access to systems — a finger scan doesn’t take any longer than swiping a card and is much more secure

Geo-fencing Technology

  • Use geo-fencing technology to restrict employee punches based on location.
  • Configure the application to a specific radius which will not allow employees to clock in or out, outside the set parameters.

Have confidence in your data by knowing that employees can only clock in and out from the area you have set and not from anywhere with internet access like a nearby coffee shop on their way into the office or other offsite locations.

Selecting The Ideal Employee Time Clock System

  • First, identify your organization’s needs. What needs are unique to your company? What features would have the most impact on your organization?
  • Do your workers need an app? Or, would something like on location biometric hand scanners be more efficient?
  • What do your employees want from the system? What’s important to them? An internal survey can help you identify the most important features and considerations for any custom solution you have designed.
  • What are the biggest issues you have with your current system? Make sure that the new system that you invest in has features that address those issues directly.

Time Clocks Made Easy — The Complete Package

  • The hardware you select for your employee time clock system should seamlessly integrate with web or app-based software programs.
  • Choose a solution that meets your organization’s specific needs and provides solutions to issues you are experiencing in your current system.
  • At Paypro, we work closely with our clients to design a custom time clock system that solves their problems and meets all of their business needs.Our time tracking module is part of a unified platform where all employee data from payroll, time and attendance, HR, and benefits are connected and accessible in real-time.
  • Create a custom solution for your company with Paypro.