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Simplifying Employee Time Tracking

With precise time tracking, your employees get paid accurately and your payroll budgets stay on track.

Establishing An Employee Time Tracking System

  • Your employee time tracking system doesn’t need to feel cumbersome to employees or your HR teams.
  • Once properly integrated, your time tracking software will provide real-time, automatic updates when an employee clocks in and out of your system.
  • Modern employee time tracking systems are web-based, ensuring that you and your teams can access the data captured whenever the need arises.

Why You Need to Carefully Monitor Employee Time Tracking in Your Business

  • Employee payroll affects margins. Accurate time tracking helps to ensure that your employees’ time is being well documented and leaves less room for errors in reporting.
  • Time tracking is critical for compliance. An effective time tracking system provides peace of mind for your company and helps to avoid costly noncompliant penalties.
  • A workforce that is accurately compensated for their time will have confidence and trust in your organization leading to job satisfaction and increased productivity.
  • A modern time tracking system mitigates the risk associated with human error and frees your payroll and HR teams from manual data entry.
  • Better understand your current payroll and labor needs with in-depth reporting. Detailed data allows you to take actionable steps.

The Power Of Employee Time Tracking Software

  • Calculating payroll manually takes valuable time, affecting your company’s bottom line. A modern time tracking solution automatically calculates labor costs for you, freeing your HR teams to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Improve communication by enabling your HR teams to access your employee time tracking solution from any device — including desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablet.
  • Simplify your payroll with integrated data sharing solutions. Your teams will always have the data they need, right when they need it.
  • Manual time clock systems are prone to human error. Switching to a modern system will help improve your time-tracking accuracy.
  • Reduce costs by limiting unplanned overtime. Our systems provide a top-down view of your payroll and time tracking operations, making it easy for you to keep a birds-eye-view of your operations.

Digital vs. Manual Time Tracking

  • Using a program like an employee time tracking app saves your team time by automating many of the tasks that they may be inputting by hand, through spreadsheets, which translates to saving your company money.
  • Eliminate buddy punching. Mitigate the risk of time tracking fraud. Buddy punching is the most common form of payroll fraud,a modern solution provides peace of mind.

Endless Possibilities: Using an Employee Time Tracking App

  • Using a mobile employee time tracking app allows each employee to keep track of their time on the clock.
  • An online solution means the HR and management teams can verify what projects employees are spending their time on without having to manually track or watch employee activity on a daily basis.

Does Employee Time Tracking Software Make Sense For You?

  • If you have an payroll team which dedicates time to employee time tracking by using manual or outdated practices? A modern solution can be a game changer.
  • Do you find that many of your time tracking and payroll problems are the result of human error?
  • Are you looking for a hands-off solution that provides you with a top-down view of your labor usage and requirements?

Finding and Implementing the Right Employee Time Tracking System

  • Every company is different. The employee time tracking system your company chooses should be fully customizable to your precise needs.
  • At Paypro we have the expert knowledge and (will)power to back up that claim. Your needs may shift over time and you need a partner who can customize the solution as your business grows.