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Payroll And People Management For Small Business

Our payroll and people management software offers an expansive suite of features that automates employee onboarding and benefits management, payroll and HR functions, tax filing and more.

Employee Onboarding

Improve your onboarding processes to elevate new hire engagement and reduce churn. Paypro’s workforce management software creates success-driven work environments where new employees are engaged from the start, using state-of-the-art self-guided training apps. Leverage self-serve employee portals with career goal-setting capabilities to encourage long-term success for a stronger team.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Self-Service

Self-service features empower employees to help themselves 24/7 while reducing pressure on your HR team. As a result, your team feels valued without sacrificing the convenience of a supportive culture. Your employees gain control over their benefits and training from the device of their choice with convenient access to their information and options.

Employee Self-Service

Complete Payroll & HR

Payroll for small business software eliminates the manual processes involved with complicated payroll and tax situations to ensure you remain compliant. Leverage our workforce management platform to improve efficiencies and create a streamlined team to run your organization with a tighter workforce budget.

Complete Payroll & HR

Tax Filing

Our compliant IRS, state-authorized e-filing small business payroll software helps you avoid year-end surprises. Our statewide compliant system automatically updates the most current withholding laws, so your team doesn’t worry about inadvertent errors. The payroll for small business software also automatically creates tax forms from W2s, and W2 misfiles to 940s.

Payroll Tax Compliance

How Our WFM Software Helps Small Businesses

From workflow optimization and planning to analytics and reporting, our WFM software provides better control over workflows. Leveraging established processes, we make your team more productive and efficient, taking your workflow to the next level.


  • Automated Payroll & Compliance

Our small business payroll software provides a single automated payroll workflow platform that simplifies processes. Adhering to state and industry-specific compliance, we flag non-compliance issues to eliminate errors.


  • People Management

Shift management plus state-of-the-art reporting, creates a streamlined staff workflow. Leverage analytics to determine operational demand with a complete view of skills, availability, and preferences to help drive smart decisions.


  • Tax Filing

Avoid errors due to complicated payroll challenges, including specific state laws with automated updates of the most current withholding laws and the creation of necessary tax forms.


  • Mobile Access

Reduce costs with a work-from-home model using our mobile HR software apps. Empower your HR team with access from anywhere to ensure employees remain productive and engaged with complete visibility across all levels of management.


  • Paypro powered by UKG Ready

Paypro is powered by UKG Ready which offers leading-edge features to manage all your HR and payroll needs with secure mobile access, personalized support, automated payroll, an HR employee database, and employee performance management.

Reliable Workforce Management For Small Businesses

Our workforce management for small businesses identifies cost-effective workflow management solutions. Advanced onboarding nurtures employee engagement from day one with career-centric tools and self-serve benefits management to reduce churn. Reliable workforce management software reduces overhead, implements solid work-from-home policies, and contributes to career success.

Small Business Workforce Management FAQs