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Our WorkforceOne Platform Gives You The Single-Sign-In Access You Need To Make Better, More Informed Decisions.

Track It All, Enter It Once. With WorkforceOne, duplicate entries and redundant workflows are a thing of the past.

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Our Top Rated HCM Solution

From Hire to Retire, Our Full Service WorforceOne Platform Has You Covered

Paypro’s WorkforceOne Suite powered by UKG Workforce Ready® solution provides a cloud-based workforce management platform that allows today’s small and midsize businesses to gain a competitive advantage.


Saved Time & Improved Accuracy

Our WFM platform gives you the single-sign-in access you need — across time and attendanceHRpayroll, and benefits — to make better, more informed decisions as you:

  • Control labor costs
  • Identify & retain top talent
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Improve workforce productivity

Customized Payroll Solutions

No two organizations are alike, each having unique payroll setups, industry standards and tax laws that must be considered for every pay cycle. We ensure you have the functions in place to support and automate your specific tax and payroll policies.  

Full-Service HR Management, Full Integration

From workflow optimization and planning to analytics and reporting, our employee management system gives you fuller control over managing your employees’ needs. Our system works with third-party software you already use so you don’t have to disrupt already established processes.

Accurate, Effective Time And Attendance Systems

Our WorkforceOne software solution helps with all shift-related reporting, job costing, and benefits tracking. Reduce costs through advanced data collection by identifying waste and optimize your labor budget. With time and attendance systems, you are always prepared to grow your workforce and onboard new hires.

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Discover our top-rated, customizable WorkforceOne software today. Paypro’s HCM software helps you find time and cost savings opportunities, reduce errors, and eliminate manual tasks.