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Manage Your HR Documents In One Place

Paypro’s HR database organizes your documents to ensure you can easily retrieve any data from one convenient place.

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Discover The Features Of Our Employee Database Software


Customized Human Resource Database

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” We’ll consult with you to ensure functions align with your current needs. Customize notices to conduct employee reviews, training, and evaluate pay raise options.

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Employee Survey Data

Collect employee survey data to better understand your staff. Make data-driven decisions that contribute to productivity, employee engagement and company growth.

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Absence Data

Track employee hours to spot red flags, including a pattern of absenteeism or late arrivals.

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Employee Self Service

Give employees access to relevant information whenever they need it. They can log their own hours or update their contact information, reducing data entry tasks for your HR team.

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Reduce payroll errors with an integrated employee database that ensures all relevant information is correct and up to date. Salary and salary raise date reminders, and integration that aligns payroll with time and attendance.

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Compensation & Benefits

Leverage data to aid with other HR functions, including benefits and compensation.

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HR Decisions Made Easy With Data-Based Insights

Paypro’s employee database offers intuitive features that allow you to improve employee engagement with meaningful insights.

Recruitment Data

Modernize how you recruit and retain workplace talent. Make data-backed compensation decisions with talent insights and analytics, as well as tools for employee feedback.

Compensation & Benefits

Create a compelling benefits suite with analytics and industry compensation trends. Create notices for managers on when performance reviews are due, and conduct succession planning.

Employee Tracking

Track employee schedules to ensure a smooth vacation approval process and avoid coverage challenges. Self-service features allow employees to track vacation time used, as well as their hours. Error alerts allow you to adjust efficiently or spot issues with employees who frequently arrive late, leave early or are absent.

HR Decisions Made Easy With Data-Based Insights

Questions About Employee Database Software?

Do you provide training on how to handle sensitive data?

Yes, we have one of the most committed support teams in the industry, ready to offer instruction to help optimize the performance of your employee database software. Following training, you can also contact our team with any questions you have, and we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Does your database software provide encryption for sensitive and personally identifying data?

Yes, our mobile app is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is used to encrypt data transmission and collection. We also use third-party data centers equipped with firewalls and secure infrastructure. Paypro partners with the Kronos Private Cloud (KPC), which undergoes routine inspections from security auditors.

What security levels are there for data, and how will data be classified?

Paypro’s WFM solutions use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure single sign-on (SSO). Single sign-on helps to prevent account resets, while multi-factor authentication prevents fraudulent access.

Do you use a third party to audit and manage security, or do you do it yourselves?

We partner with one of the largest HCM providers in the industry — Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). This ensures we adhere to strict security requirements, audits and 24/7 monitoring to keep personal information safe.

What are the incident response processes and client notification procedures for security breaches?

In the rare case of a security breach, Paypro’s employee database, WFM, payroll and employment solutions immediately alert users of the compromise and provide a plan of action to keep employee data safe.

All Your Employee Data. Secure.

Store and access employee information to make data-based decisions and move your company forward.

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