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Kayla Kelly

Marketing Manager


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The seasoned Marketing Manager at Paypro Corporation. With over a decade of expertise in B2B and SaaS-based solutions, she orchestrates the entire spectrum of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives, in addition to contributing to the Paypro blog. Kayla’s passion lies in finding ways to introduce Paypro to anyone looking to navigate the complex HR software selection process.

“I always look at the big picture and search for possible improvements within processes for both our existing partners and any new clients interested in seeing how we can help. I continually strive to gain as much knowledge in the industry as possible and am always interested in helping connect people who can help each other.”

Areas Of Expertise

  • Being Wonderful To Work With

  • Comprehensive HCM Knowledge

  • HR Technology & Software Platform Expertise

  • Employee Retention, Productivity, and Workforce Diversity

  • HCM Integration and Interoperability

  • Regulatory Compliance Awareness

  • B2B Marketing Partnerships

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