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Workforce Management Systems Tailor-Fit To Your Business

Automate routines and focus on the big picture with complete workforce management

Paypro MultiDashboard

Streamline Payroll, Scheduling, Benefits, And Recruiting With A Customized Workflow Management System



Workflow automation does the heavy lifting of day-to-day HR processes so your team can focus on scaling and growing your business. With Complete Workforce Management, you can discover inefficiencies and automate payroll, scheduling, benefits administration, performance tracking, and talent acquisition.

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Organizations are only as good as the talent they can attract and keep. Paypro’s Workforce Management System gives HR departments the tools they need to identify key talent and boost retention metrics. Our software helps HR managers create a proactive talent pipeline to ensure your company has top talent throughout every department.

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Analytics & Reporting

Get all the data, insights, and performance metrics you need to keep your business running effectively. Paypro’s reporting dashboard gives you a top-down view of your organization in real time, so you can identify workers approaching overtime, critical skills gaps, analyze performance and increase team efficiency.

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Mobile App

Paypro’s complete Workforce Management System includes the HCMToGo mobile app, giving your team instant access to all the up-to-date HR information they need. Our app empowers employees to clock in and out, view their schedules, manage their benefits and paid leave—all on the go.

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Streamlined & Secure

A complete workforce management system has many moving parts. With Paypro, you’ll find everything from benefits, payroll, scheduling, and reporting in a user-friendly, easy-to-access dashboard. And with our secure, cloud-based architecture, you’ll rest assured knowing your employees’ and customers’ sensitive data is safe and encrypted.

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Built For Your Business

Every Paypro Complete Workforce Management solution is built from the ground up to meet the individual needs of our partners. We’ll work with you to create a custom package that works for your business—so you only invest in systems that move your business forward.

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Automate Your Business Operations


Expert Implementation

Introducing a new workforce management system can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Paypro works with you to identify gaps in your current workforce management and helps you implement solutions to immediately save your company time and money.

Comprehensive System

Whether you need to shore up your existing systems or build a new system from scratch, Paypro has you covered. Our workforce management system provides total coverage of day-to-day HR activities, a full suite of employee benefits, paperless HR reporting, and visibility for all levels of management.

People First 

Talent is the heart of your organization. Paypro’s AI-powered software generates intelligent scheduling recommendations that help you get the most out of your talent, all while respecting their work-life balance and personal needs. 

Gain Insight

Paypro’s data and analytics give you an entirely new perspective on the future of your business. Identity key growth areas and formulate new strategies. Learn the schedules and workflows that empower your team to perform at the highest level. Leverage visualized data to identify opportunities.


Questions About PayPro’s Complete Workforce Management System?

What is workforce management?

Workforce management is the process of allocating human capital as effectively as possible to improve profits and mitigate risk. Workforce management strategies can vary wildly across companies depending on company size, industry, and available talent.

What is a workforce management system?

Workforce management (WFM) systems help ensure your business has the right amount of talent working for any given situation. WFMs keep your company running smoothly—through scheduling, benefits administration, payroll, data analytics, and compliance—so you can reach your performance objectives. 

What are the benefits of a workforce management system?

Paypro’s workforce management software saves your HR team time, and adds transparency for the rest of the company’s employees while keeping data protected with appropriate company-wide security settings.

Will a new workforce management system disrupt my current workflows?

It may be intimidating to introduce a new workforce management system – that’s why Paypro’s core focus is on expert implementation that sets up your business correctly from the beginning.

How do I know which workforce management systems are right for my business?

Our team of certified expert workforce specialists can help identify the right system for you, integrate it into your existing processes, and implement its usage among your varied teams.

Free Your HR Team To Focus On The Big Picture

Paypro’s core focus is on expert implementation that sets up your business correctly from the beginning.

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