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Cannabis HR & Payroll Software

Do you find workforce management challenging in the cannabis industry? Our custom integrations and automation, along with full-service implementation and support make Paypro the go-to choice for Cannabis HR & payroll software.

Hiring & Onboarding

Finding the right people to fill job vacancies can be challenging in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis payroll & HR software can help business owners streamline and simplify the hiring and onboarding process, so you hire the right people for every position.

Hiring & Onboarding

Enhanced Compliance

As a cannabis organization we understand that your state license is the foundation of your business and protecting that is essential.  If your certificate of good standing with the state is up for renewal mid quarter and you need us to file your taxes right away, we can do that and then provide an amended return at the end of the quarter.



The cannabis industry is known for having an evolving hourly workforce, and keeping track of payroll can be a challenge. Our cannabis payroll software keeps your payroll data accurate.


Performance Management

Whether it’s harvesting crops, producing cannabis, or working in a retail facility, managing the performance of employees is key to the long-term success of the business. When you use our software, you’ll be able to track the performance of your employees to ensure it meets your standards at all times.

Performance Management

Full Suite, Award Winning HR Platform

For Cannabis Companies

Paypro supports cannabis and cannabis related businesses with solutions that include Payroll and Tax filing that include direct deposits for employees. We also have offer solutions for hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, compensation, ACA, Benefits Administration along with Time and Attendance – all managed from UKG Ready, a single database HR platform with a 4+ star mobile app.


  • Industry Specific Expertise

We can track hours worked across departments for 280E purposes. If you have multiple EINs and run individual payrolls for each we can support Common Paymaster and allow you to process under one EIN and then setup reporting to you GL to allow you to allocate the expense accordingly. We can also fund your payroll from multiple accounts associated with each EIN.


  • Find & recruit local talent

The cannabis industry is known for having a very high turnover rate, and it’s not uncommon for cannabis companies to have trouble finding and recruiting local talent. Our software helps with the onboarding and hiring process to help you find local talent that’s ready to work and will stay with you for the long term.


  • Outsourced Payroll for Cannabis Dispensaries

What’s better than handing over your payroll tasks and responsibilities to an industry-leading dispensary payroll provider? When you use our software, your payroll process including tax filing and direct deposits will be efficient and streamlined.


  • Standardize onboarding and training

One of the reasons that the cannabis industry has issues maintaining quality personnel is the lack of standardized onboarding and training during the hiring process. Our software can help revolutionize your onboarding and training process so it is professional and uniform across the board.


  • Time tracking & attendance

Keeping track of your employee’s hours worked and attendance record used to be complex and frustrating, but with our software, the process is highly accurate and completely automated. You’ll have easy access to all employee time and attendance records when you need them.


  • Improve employee satisfaction

When you have professional and efficient HR and payroll solutions in place, it adds to the level of employee satisfaction, which will enable you to keep good local talent much longer. All employees do better when there is a streamlined payment process that is simple and straightforward and with clear HR guidelines to follow to help ensure their success.

Reliable HR Solution For The Cannabis Industry

From government regulatory compliance, to making sure everyone gets paid on time, tracking the productivity of your employees, and having robust benefits packages, aligning yourself with an HR services leader like Paypro will help take your cannabis-related business to a whole new level.

Cannabis Workforce Management FAQs