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Performance Reviews Should Be Easy To Deliver And Painless To Receive.

Automate the performance review process with proven frameworks to set employee goals and improvement plans.

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Actionable Performance Goals to Help Employees Grow

Empower employees to meet their objectives while keeping major stakeholders in-the-know about employee performance.

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360 Feedback In One Place

Employee feedback is critical to continuing professional development but easily falls by the wayside. With Paypro’s performance review software, managers provide 360 feedback that helps employees grow and encourages two-way conversations that improve productivity.

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Set Employee Goals and Track Progress

Performance reviews allow managers to set employee goals and track progress to ensure they continue to move forward.

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Schedule and Receive Assessments In One Module

Never miss a performance review with regularly scheduled automated alerts that keep performance reviews on track. Effectively communicate assessments and evaluation results in one module.

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Leverage And Develop Employee Skills

Performance management software allows your managers to leverage and develop employee skills. Provide valuable feedback, establish career paths, and create productivity-focused action plans.

A Single Performance Portal

Your software should provide a single portal for both HR and employees. With self-service features, you can empower employees to take control of their future and see available growth opportunities within the organization.

Fostering Growth

Foster growth with self-serve training options starting at onboarding. Consistency in training ensures everyone understands roles and responsibilities, and assimilates to corporate culture.

Productive Feedback

Providing feedback becomes easier when you have an ongoing history of goals and responsibilities. You can refer to past evaluation findings to help managers point out shortfalls while also encouraging improved performance.

Accountability and Transparency

Through ongoing evaluations, targeted goals can be monitored to improve accountability across all roles. Improved communication between employees and managers ensures complete transparency, eliminating barriers between team members and levels.

Setting Career Paths

An effective performance management software allows managers to define steps and goals to improve performance and productivity. Skills development aligns with career goals to improve engagement and retention.

Define Company Objectives

Scheduled performance reviews provide opportunities for managers to communicate company objectives clearly. This empowers your workforce to make smart decisions to help the company meet its goals.

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Performance Management FAQs

Why are performance reviews important?

Performance reviews create historical records to justify dismissal while also identifying top talent to make succession planning easier. It saves time for HR teams and can create self-serve options to suit employee needs. Performance reviews are scheduled to maintain ongoing communication between managers and employees and allow every member an opportunity to improve performance, engage in training and encourage professional development.

Do performance reviews work?

Yes. Performance reviews provide an opportunity for employers to provide constructive feedback that helps improve employee productivity and engagement. They create career paths and plans with measurable goals to evaluate an employee’s progress.

What’s the performance management process?

The performance management process is based on communication between employers and their workforce. It creates an open conversation to review performance, look for opportunities for development, set career goals and review past objectives.

How can software help me with performance reviews?

Employee performance review software allows you to schedule team evaluations using a web-based performance tracker. Goal management features keep track of goals for use by both managers and employees. You can manage the entire employee performance review process across all levels using a consistent method that creates a real-time history to help establish compliance with labor laws when faced with dismissals, disciplinary actions, promotions, pay equity, and more.

What features should I look for when choosing a performance management system?

Your performance management system should offer the following features:

Review data in one place from a centralized cloud-based location

Create employee work patterns to make quick decisions on promotions and succession planning

Identify issues requiring training, disciplinary action, or dismissal

Self-serve features that allow employees to access their own records and reviews

Simplified communication with ongoing feedback on evaluation findings

Defined steps and goals for employees to reach their full potential and productivity levels

Integrate employee performance into your employee database

Reference time and attendance and application information through an integrated system

Performance Reviews Should Be Easy to Deliver and Painless to Receive

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