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Avoid Filing Penalties With Payroll Software That Evolves With You

Never worry about having to find a new payroll solution again with an array of features available to add on as your business grows.

Payroll Resized

A Full Suite Of Payroll Tools At Your Disposal

We audit your payroll during every pay cycle, catching errors before they happen. As your business grows, you’ll have everything you need, including reporting, tax filing, direct deposit, integrations, mobile access and more.


Saved Time & Improved Accuracy

Avoid repetitive manual tasks that lead to errors. Our expert team audits each paycycle to save you time and eliminate the risk of double entry. 

Customizable Security 

Ensure your most sensitive employee data is protected with graded security levels assigned to each person who has access.

Managed Benefits, Expenses, and Bonuses

Self-serve features that make onboarding more efficient, as well as automated expense processing and employee bonus administration.

Payroll Tax Management

Paypro’s software meets IRS Business Acceptance Testing requirements. It is also legal and tax compliant and provides continuous auditing year-round to avoid costly year-end surprises.

Customized Payroll Solutions

No two organizations are alike, each having unique payroll setups, industry standards and tax laws that must be considered for every pay cycle. We ensure you have the functions in place to support and automate your specific tax and payroll policies.  

Multiple Payment Options

Our payroll tax systems will not only help ensure fees are accurate but also help you file on time, every time using your preferred payment method.

“As far as the payroll system goes, I’ve never dealt with anything this easy. I can run payroll from start to finish in less time than I used to spend reviewing and approving payroll.”

— Andrea S.

Never Worry About Having To Migrate Software Again

Our client success team provides personalized support when you need it, with solutions available on-hand as your needs expand.


Receive analytics of your payroll costs and employee time utilization ratios to make effective decisions for workforce management and budgeting. 

Tax Filing

Remain compliant and accurate with the support of our tax specialists to help guide the process. Our system is IRS approved for 941 e-filing and meets all IRS Business Acceptance Testing requirements.

Direct Deposit

Streamline the tax filing process with easy direct deposit setup. Align payroll with accounting software to ensure you cover tax payments, and avoid fines and penalties.


Integrate our reports with your existing time tracking and payroll systems for easier migration to our platform.

Mobile Access

Today’s workforce is spread out with remote workers who need secure access to information. Our system is cloud-based, providing quick access to the real-time payroll data your team needs. Customizable security levels ensure your most sensitive data is protected.

Questions About Our Payroll Software?

Will this software let me do payroll myself?

Yes, our team provides training and support so you can run payroll from start to finish using one-click approval.

How does payroll work for small businesses?

Every small business with salaried employees needs to file payroll taxes. We make payroll easy by aligning your time tracking with your payroll software. We also identify mistakes in real-time, so you aren’t caught off guard with year-end surprises.

Will this help me figure out how much payroll tax I owe as an employer?

Yes. Our software audits every payroll. We also proactively call you to discuss and resolve any errors before we process payroll against your account. The system also examines all payments to eliminate year-end tax surprises.

What size organizations use your software?

Our modular small business payroll software is flexible enough to handle any sized workforce.

How do I switch to Paypro from my current provider?

Set up a consultation with Paypro to review your needs. We’ll create a step-by-step implementation plan based on your needs, which can include integration with current systems  and/or migration of data.

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Discover our top-rated, customizable payroll software today. Paypro’s payroll software helps you find time and cost savings opportunities, reduce errors, and eliminate manual tasks.