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Employee Benefits Packages

Paypro provides a multi-faceted HR analytics software which includes payroll tracking and forecasting, employee performance, benefits compliance, remote access, administrative and employee portals, and so much more.


At Paypro, Our Employee Benefits Services Are Designed To Meet The Needs And Expectations Of Today’s Top Talent.


Our employee benefits and services not only help cover health expenses but also allow employees to select the benefits suited to their needs. Our intuitive self-selecting benefit system allows employees to access their benefits any time anywhere.


Employee Benefits Packages & Services

Employee churn is a growing challenge across many industries. Finding ways to improve employee retention requires careful strategy focused on providing career-oriented tools as well as employee-focused perks that help develop relationships and loyalty. Our Licensed Benefit Consultants have discovered the best employee benefit programs and combined them with a comprehensive tool that makes access to benefits easy.


Employees can make their changes, access information, and browse their options effortlessly from their mobile phones, desktops or tablets. Access is available 24/7 to suit the busiest lifestyles, not only improving retention but also reducing administrative demand on your HR team.


Advantages of Paypro employee benefits services include:


Individual Health Insurance

Health care concerns are more prominent than ever. Individual health insurance provides employees with Dental & Vision Voluntary Insurance to alleviate the burden of health care costs while also helping you improve employee retention.


Life Insurance

Employees want to ensure they leave something behind for their loved ones at the time of their passing. Life insurance provides peace of mind while also offsetting the expense of contributing to a life insurance policy.


Disability Insurance

The onset of sudden illness, accidents and injuries impact an employee’s quality of life and their ability to support their families. Disability insurance provides financial support to cover costs for recovery, lost wages, and more.


Get Started With Paypro

Your organization can’t afford to lose more valuable team members, while also struggling to attract skilled workers who contribute to your operational excellence. With Paypro’s comprehensive employee benefits services, user-friendly self-selecting software, and easy access for your HR team, you’re primed to provide the benefits you need to keep your workforce happy.