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HR & Payroll Software For Nonprofits

Use Paypro’s nonprofit HR and payroll software to streamline your processes and increase the longevity of your donations. You can also improve your hiring and onboarding process to attract and retain top talent to increase your value in your community.

Employee Onboarding

Poor onboarding processes can reduce new employee engagement leading to increased employee churn. On the other hand, improving your onboarding process can create a more success-driven work environment where new employees feel valued. Our nonprofit HR software provides state-of-the-art self-guided training apps, convenient self-serve employee portals, and career goal-setting capabilities, empowering new hires to succeed.

Employee Onboarding

HR Analytics

Because you depend on donations to fund your organization, you need to keep close track of your spending. Our nonprofit HR software analytics offer valuable insights that spot process inefficiency. You can also avoid payroll issues by understanding overtime patterns and proactively ensuring employees do not incur unnecessary overtime.

HR Analytics

Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking provides control over employee scheduling and hours to understand your payroll and labor needs. In addition, our nonprofit payroll software’s time-tracking solution allows you to review in-depth reporting to make smarter, real-time decisions. As a result, you can positively impact your bottom line and avoid costly penalties associated with non-compliance.

Time Tracking

Payroll Tax Compliance

Nonprofits have complicated payroll and tax situations related to grant funding. Our nonprofit payroll software is tax compliant ensuring every filing is accurate based on state tax laws for nonprofits. In addition, our IRS, state-authorized e-filing payroll software remains state-compliant year after year. As a result, you are always up to date on withholding laws to avoid penalties or underpayments. No year-end surprises here.

Payroll Tax Compliance

Employee Benefits

Your nonprofit must find ways to attract and retain top talent. Our benefits services and nonprofit HR software provide employee-focused perks to improve employee loyalty. A self-serve platform allows employees to make changes, access information, and browse their options 24/7 using their mobile phones, desktops, or tablets, reducing administrative demand on your HR team.


How Our WFM Software Helps Nonprofit Organizations

Paypro’s nonprofit workforce management software helps nonprofits streamline their day-to-day processes, creating a leaner team. Using a single platform accessed from anywhere creates a resilient workforce able to do more with fewer people. As a result, you’ll save time and money, allowing your funding to go further. UKG Ready integration also ensures your software is up and running faster so your team reaps the benefits of industry-leading tools without delay.


  • Automated Payroll & Compliance

Your HR department has limited resources to manage time-consuming tasks. Using a single platform, our automated payroll and compliance feature simplifies the payroll process. State and industry-specific compliance are also automatically applied using our nonprofit payroll software to eliminate errors and flag non-compliance issues.


  • Tax Filing

Our IRS, state-authorized e-filing nonprofit payroll software is particularly effective for nonprofits faced with complicated payroll challenges, especially if you operate in several states. Our system automatically updates the most current withholding laws and automates the creation of necessary tax forms from W2s and W2 misfiles to 940s.


  • Mobile Access

Today’s nonprofits can leverage work-from-home models to reduce overhead. Our mobile nonprofit HR software apps empower HR teams to access and use our platform from anywhere. However, our workforce management software ensures employees remain productive and engaged with features that facilitate day-to-day functions, employee benefits, and paperless HR management. We also provide complete visibility across all levels of management.


  • UKG Ready

Paypro is powered by UKG Ready, we provide your nonprofit with a single platform to manage all your HR and payroll needs. Our platform provides your HR team with secure mobile access, personalized support, automated payroll, HR employee database and employee performance management. HR analytics and reporting also help drive smart decisions.



  • Shift Management

Our shift management features allow you to save money on staffing, creating a leaner team with a streamlined workflow. Our single-platform nonprofit HR software solution enables you to leverage analytics to determine operational demand and compliance rules. Managers also have a complete view of who is and isn’t available based on required skills, staff availability, and preferences.



  • Finance Reporting

Your nonprofit must account for every penny earned and spent. At Paypro, we offer finance reporting and analytics that make it easier to understand your financial situation. When your team knows where funding comes from and where you spend the most money, you can regain control over cash flow and plan effectively to drive fundraising initiatives.

Reliable HR For Nonprofit Companies

Paypro works closely with 501(c)(3)s to identify cost-effective workflow management solutions. Our nonprofit payroll software streamlines your HR and payroll processes, using an effective workforce management platform that allows you to run your organization with a leaner team. You can keep retain top with advanced onboarding software, benefits management, and career-centric tools that increase retention. Finally, you can reduce overhead by adopting solid work-from-home policies leveraging our state-of-the-art workforce management software.

Nonprofit Workforce Management FAQs