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Discovering The Potential Of Onboarding Software

Onboarding a new employee doesn't have to be a daunting task for your team, learn how it can be simplified and efficient.

Why You Should Automate The Onboarding Process.

  • Provide a self-guided solution to better understand your company, industry, and the new hire’s position.
  • Reduce the amount of help that new hires require from busy team members. Free your management and employees to focus on their jobs while only having to help new employees as required.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in your onboarding processes. Onboarding systems can help you to find where new hires are struggling with the onboarding process.
  • Provide new hires with a self-guided training portal that walks them through the most important information needed to do their jobs effectively.
  • Improve your talent retention rates and keep your workforce filled with valuable additions in all positions.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

  • Employee onboarding software provides a number of useful solutions:
    • A system to tackle onboarding paperwork, payroll setup, employee database records and benefits administration information without constant involvement from HR.
    • Automates workflows from one stage to another, such as documentation compliance to background checks.
    • Walks new hires through the training and onboarding process through a self-guided system. This lessens the amount of time and attention other employees must dedicate to the onboarding process.
    • A web-based solution ensures that your hiring teams can access important information from anywhere, at any time.

HR Onboarding Software

  • Your HR team deserves a system which makes their job easier. They can focus on big- picture concepts without having to handle all of the small tasks that onboarding software will help them automate.
  • Onboarding software should provide the new hire with a web based app portal that is part of the HR team’s preferred system for organizing employee information.
  • Creates a streamlined system for all new hires, taking the guesswork out of hiring for different positions.

Onboarding Software Sustainability

  • Onboarding software cuts costs and the use of unnecessary materials and time.
  • The use and cost of tons of paper can be eliminated with digital solutions.
  • Onboarding software creates a streamlined process for all positions, allowing you to improve your hiring decisions and processes companywide.
  • Increase your available talent pool by streamlining the application process and improving your social sharing and promotion of the position.

The Benefits of Onboarding Software for New Hires

  • Onboarding software benefits both your existing team, and the new hires coming out of your applicant tracking system.
  • An effective training portal saves your human resources team hours of their time by providing self-paced online training modules.
  • For the new hire, a seamless app-based training experience can mean the difference between asking potentially embarrassing questions to future colleagues, and coming into the workplace informed about all of the tools of the trade.
  • Provide new hires with a resource that is at their disposal, should they need to refresh their memory or review information that is pertinent to their job.

Does Your Organization Need Onboarding Software?

  • The onboarding system your HR team has in place should be efficient, allowing them to focus on big-picture strategies and tasks. New hires should be able to easily walk themselves through the training process with the correct onboarding system in place.
  • Paper-based systems are prone to human error, if you are still using this antiquated process , it’s time to look into a software-based solutions.

Creating a Checklist

Here are a few easy ways to assess if employee onboarding software is right for your company:

  • Do my candidates use smartphones?
  • Does my HR team spend too much time inserting candidate information into company databases?
  • Does HR need to contact a new hire frequently?
  • Does the company have a problem retaining new hires?
  • Do other employees spend a lot of time training and helping new employees to understand your systems?
  • If you answered yes to the above, consider the cost-savings of onboarding software.