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Why Paypro?



Founded in 1992 by a CPA, from day 1 the Paypro culture has been built on expert knowledge of tax and accounting with a focus on accuracy, timeliness, legal compliance, and customer service. We embrace clients with complex business situations. Our willingness to solve pay complexity related to unionized workforces and hourly, remote, and field-based mobile employees has led to long-term relationships, including many clients that have been with the firm for its’ entire 25+ year history.



In our firm we think of our client commitment as having the following components:


  • Do the work right the first time, on time, and be expert in all the services offered
  • Understand our client’s mission and help solve problems with strategic integrations and customizations, even if that work would normally be ‘out-of-scope’ for a payroll or HR partner
  • Respond to support requests with dedicated teams of experts that quickly solve problems
  • Be wonderful to work with day-to-day.


We summarize our commitment as “Big and smart enough to do the work well and small enough to know your name and understand your business.” We have built our business over 25+ years with dedicated client teams and expert-level execution with these two ideas as our “North Stars.” We have industry-leading client retention because of our staff and timely, high-quality service. We truly measure our success by our client’s success.


Over the last decade, the historically separate internal teams managing HR, time & labor, and payroll have converged. Robust integration between the employee management systems and the accounting and ERP systems is now critical.


When Paypro was founded, we typically only worked with our clients’ payroll manager; now new client meetings routinely include the CFO, CTO, Head of HR and the leader of the Payroll department. We adapted to the increasing scope and complexity of our industry by adopting the Kronos HCM software suite in 2015 and expanding our staff with dedicated support teams for Payroll, HR, Tax Compliance, and Benefits. In addition, we have an on-site IT team that works primarily to support our operations and implementation teams with system integrations and customizations.