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Medical Clinic Payroll & HR Software

Use Paypro’s single-platform HR and medical payroll solution to effortlessly automate FLSA and FMLA compliance, manage nurse-to-patient ratios to improve patient care, and access critical data to inform your clinic and dental office staffing decisions.

Fill Staffing Needs

Whether you’re tracking different shifts, juggling teams across multiple functions and departments, or understanding how patient demand fluctuates throughout the day, our healthcare workforce management software helps manage your shifts to optimize patient care, reduce provider stress, and minimize costs.

Fill Staffing Needs

Regulation Compliance

You need to find easier ways to adhere to all the applicable rules and regulations of the healthcare industry and labor laws. Having all the regulations available on our single platform, backed up by an industry-leading support team ensures you are always compliant.

Regulation Compliance

Simplified Scheduling

If your clinic tends to experience fluctuating staffing needs, having deep insight into your short-term and long-term staffing demand allows you to improve your scheduling capabilities. Our predictive software can effectively estimate staffing demand to ensure your shifts are always covered across every department and function.

Simplified Scheduling

Automate Payroll

Our payroll services for medical clinics reduces demand on your team, eliminate errors, and streamlines the complexities of healthcare payroll. We improve accuracy with a team that actively audits every pay cycle, catching errors before they happen. Everything becomes easier for your office manager or accountant including reporting, tax filing, direct deposit, integrations, and mobile access.

Automate Payroll

Keep Employees Connected

You can empower employees with secure access to information whether it’s shift supervisors looking for replacements when a staff member is sick, access to real-time medical payroll data, or even self-serve options for staff such as requesting time off. We keep all your sensitive personal data secure, with customizable security levels to ensure mobile access never presents a threat to personal information.

Keep Employees Connected

How Our WFM Software Helps Medical & Dental Clinics

We can assist with all your clinic’s needs, freeing up time to focus on attracting and retaining trained individuals in a highly competitive landscape. With the right WFM software, you can streamline your processes, improve patient care, and reduce costs through newfound efficiency.


  • Clinics & Dental Offices

Streamline operations and payroll to achieve optimum efficiency. Open doors to see more patients and provide the highest quality care possible thanks to effective medical solutions payroll tools.


  • Employee Training

Healthcare certifications and recertification is a major undertaking to manage without workforce management software. You can track all your employee certifications based on role, with automated notifications ensuring everyone remains up to date.


  • Time Tracking

Enjoy a top-down view of your medical payroll and time tracking operations, for improved efficiency. Automatically calculate labor costs, improve communication with access from any device, and simplify payroll with integrated data sharing. You can avoid human errors with an automated tracking system to reduce costs and limit unplanned and unapproved overtime.


  • Online Benefit Enrollment

Empower both your workforce and HR team with online benefit enrollment using advanced self-serve tools. Employees can make their own changes, freeing up your HR team to focus on care-critical tasks.


  • Cut Labor Costs

Keep labor costs under control for your clinic using our innovative healthcare payroll software’s analytics and insights to project and plan more efficiently. Reduce unnecessary staffing and keep your clinic team lean but effective, ensuring you’re always covered to remain efficient. Become patient-focused without excess staff that puts strain on your labor budget.


  • Employee Satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction to create a desirable workplace to attract the right staff and keep them engaged. Ensuring staff are never overworked with proper shift coverage, making it easier to request and approve time off, providing flexible work schedules and access to self-serve benefit management tools all enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty. Automated HR workflows also improve HR employee engagement.

Reliable HR For Medical Clinics

It’s time to replace outdated manual clinic processes with reliable WFM software. You can help improve compliance, automate time-consuming medical payroll tasks, and create fully staffed shifts. All this while maximizing your labor budget and saving time and money so you can enhance patient and employee experiences.

Medical Workforce Management FAQss