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Hospitality HR & Payroll Software

Our intuitive hospitality workforce management solution streamlines your payroll and HR processes with custom automation and integrations uniquely focused on your high-demand industry.

Employee Engagement

Paypro’s hospitality HR software automates and streamlines processes allowing your company to improve employee engagement. You can increase employee loyalty by making your commitment to career advancement clear, regulating performance reviews, introducing bonus incentives, and providing comprehensive benefits.

HR, Payroll, & Staff Scheduling Software for Government

Employee Scheduling

Hospitality employee scheduling is highly complex. However, our employee scheduling software and workforce management platform have key features for shift managers to create employee schedules effectively. Using high-demand time metrics, in hand with improved visibility of staff availability, you can avoid conflicts, reduce labor costs and overtime compliance issues, and ensure you never waste money with overstaffed departments.

Staff Scheduling


Proper onboarding using our hospitality HR software provides comprehensive applicant tracking, self-guided training and automated paperwork and payroll setup. With improved efficiency, your human resources team can focus on staffing guest-facing positi


Payroll Compliance

The hospitality industry is often under scrutiny regarding fair pay and compensation. Our hospitality payroll solution ensures teams are compensated for their time and you comply with payroll, tax, and labor laws.


Employee Benefits

Lower-paying, high-stress hospitality jobs put pressure on workers, contributing to employee churn. By providing incentives, you can keep top performers happy, so they are more likely to stay. Our hospitality HR solution and benefits services ensure your employees have a comprehensive, highly competitive benefits plan they can access via self-serve features.

Employee Benefits

How Our WFM Software Helps Hospitality Organizations

Our hospitality workforce management software makes many essential, time-consuming day-to-day processes easier through automation and improved workflow. With your hospitality operations, HR, and payroll managed from a single platform, your team gains efficiency using Paypro software solutions powered by UKG Ready. As a result, you regain control of shift management, improve compliance, and empower your team to focus on higher-value functions that help improve guest experiences.


  • POS Integration

Our hospitality payroll software integrates with most POS systems to streamline data transfer and reduce errors. Your POS system will automatically transfer employee hours, sales, and other relevant information to our software, eliminating the need for manual input.


Paypro integrates with the following software:


  • Toast
  • Square
  • Clover
  • Restaurant365
  • Revel
  • Aloha POS
  • Lavu
  • TouchBistro


  • Automated Payroll & Compliance

Our hospitality payroll software reduces the time it takes to run payroll and remain payroll and tax compliant. You can streamline the process with payroll and scheduling data stored in a single platform and automate time-consuming functions from start to finish.



  • Expert Setup & Review

Finding a provider that understands the importance of efficient deployment is important when choosing hospitality workforce management solutions. Our team provides expert setup and review to avoid common pitfalls such as integration challenges, employee training deficits, incorrect tax compliance setup, and more. Our job isn’t complete until your entire team migrates to the new system and uses it successfully across all applications.


  • Mobile Access

Many hospitality businesses still experience work-from-home issues, with hybrid office setups struggling to maintain efficiency. Our hospitality workforce management software comes with a mobile app that ensures all team members are accountable for their work, that hours are tracked accurately, and your team can access the data they need from anywhere.


  • Shift Management

Juggling shifts in several departments or across multiple locations creates shift management challenges. However, we make shift management easier with insights into high-demand times and a clear view of staff availability that ensures each department and shift has optimized coverage.


  • Finance Reporting & Tax Filing

Our finance reporting and real-time analytics improve budget management, allowing you to understand how payroll impacts your bottom line. We also feature IRS, state-authorized e-filing hospitality payroll services, making it easier when operating in several states. Our e-filing system includes updates for withholding laws, automated creation of necessary tax forms, and also ensures all tax filings are reviewed by one of our tax experts to improve compliance.

Reliable HR For The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry includes niche markets from fast food to five-star restaurants and hotels and entertainment venues to airport guest lounges. Each market needs a unique HR and payroll system, which can make it difficult to find one platform. However, our customizable hospitality HR and workforce management software provides tools and features ideal for your needs. You can streamline your HR and payroll processes and ensure your team receives the level of training needed to fill guest-facing roles successfully.

Hospitality Workforce Management FAQs