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Paypro Corporation Expands You’ve Got Paid® Solution to Powerful Employee Self-Service Platform

HAUPPAUGE, New York (March 2, 2015) – Paypro Corporation has released the innovative expansion of its You’ve Got Paid® solution to include employee self-service functionality such as pay information updates to personal, demographic, deduction and tax information as well as employee benefit open enrollment functionality. This expansion will relieve employers and employees alike of administrative burdens typically associated with demographic updates and benefit administration.

Ken Porcelli, Paypro’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “With these enhancements we have created a very powerful employee self-service platform available at the fraction of the cost of a traditional self-service solution. Not only does the platform cater to both English and Spanish speakers, it also syncs any approved updates and open enrollment submissions back to our payroll system eliminating unnecessary paperwork.”

You’ve Got Paid® was originally designed to electronically and securely distribute pay information and over time further enhancements were made including the ability to download and print W-2s, download tax information directly into tax forms with an Intuit’s TurboTax® integration, and the ability to view benefit statements.

“We at Paypro are very excited with our recent innovations to our You’ve Got Paid solution and we are planning to continue to make these types of innovations to this and to our other workforce management solutions”, Porcelli continued.

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