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Paypro Corporation Launches You’ve Got Paid™ – An Electronic Pay Stub Delivery System

HAUPPAUGE, New York (August 24, 2011) – Paypro Corporation announces a revolutionary product innovation called You’ve Got Paid™.

With You’ve Got Paid™, employees will receive their personal earning statements via email instead of a traditional paper voucher. Through a simple, “by invitation only” registration process, employees will now be able to review and print their current, as well as access their pay history via a secure website. Emails are designed for easy viewing on smart phones as well as regular email accounts.

Paypro’s You’ve Got Paid™ solution is comparable in functionality to a traditional self-service solution at a fraction of the cost. With no set-up fees and only pennies per employee per pay period, You’ve Got Paid™ is a great alternative to an employee self-service solution.

“We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to utilize a “green” pay check distribution system while saving them money on delivery charges, postage and time spent manually distributing pay checks.” commented Ken Porcelli, Paypro’s Chief Operating Officer.

You’ve Got Paid™ is available to all Paypro clients whether they have employees on direct deposit or supply employees with live checks.


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