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Diane Ingrassia to Head Paypro Corporation’s Newly Expanded HR & Benefits Services Division

HAUPPAUGE, New York (March 16, 2012) – Paypro Corporation is excited to announce the expansion of its HR & Benefits Services Division and the promotion of Diane Ingrassia from HR Specialist to HR & Benefits Services Manager to head the division.

As a result of the continued and extraordinary success of Paypro’s HR & Employee Benefits programs, Paypro will be expanding its HR & Employee Benefits Solutions offerings as well as bring in additional team members to the division.

Diane Ingrassia commented: “I am excited for the opportunity to further enhance our HR & Benefits programs. As the HR & Benefits Service Manager, I will be focusing on the continued growth and development of Paypro’s Benefits Programs, HRIS deployments, and Human Resource Service initiatives.”

In addition to Paypro’s existing array of HR & Benefits solutions such as HRIS software, Benefits Administration, Group Health Insurance, and Flexible Spending Accounts, Paypro will also be introducing other solutions that will include HR Outsourcing, Employee Life Insurance, Dental, and Vision Insurance.

“The new offerings we have in store will prove that we are intent on Paypro’s mission to serve as our clients’ quarterback on as many fronts as possible”, Diane concluded.

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