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Paypro Corporation Partners with Liazon’s Bright Choices Exchange

HAUPPAUGE, New York (May 15, 2015) – Paypro Corporation is excited to announce its partnership with Liazon’s award-winning Bright Choices® Exchange to enable employers to set predictable budgets for their benefits package year over year through a defined funding strategy and to enable employees to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting and personalizing their benefits package.

Ken Porcelli, Paypro’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “With Liazon operating the industry-leading private benefits exchange for businesses across the US, we feel that this partnership will allow our clients to save on average 10% in the first year alone as well as control their long-term healthcare costs”.

“Working with Paypro Corporation to bring Bright Choices to the market strengthens our ability to deliver on our exchange model and provide employers with greater choice and benefits options”, added Alan Cohen, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Liazon.

The Bright Choices Exchange was created to provide greater choice in benefits and a better business model for businesses and people to buy those benefits.

“We at Paypro are very excited to add this partnership to our recent expansions and innovations and we constantly work to improve the client and user experience with our suite of workforce management solutions”, Porcelli concluded.

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