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What is Workforce Management Software & Why Do You Need It?

Any business that hopes to achieve long-term success must manage its workforce well. Workforce management includes much more than simply supervising your workers. Workforce management includes every task you must accomplish to keep your workforce working at full capacity. This includes tasks at every phase of personnel management from recruiting and onboarding to scheduling and personnel review to succession planning and retirement. If you can do all these things well, your business can operate at maximum efficiency.

There are many ways to accomplish these tasks. Many businesses depend on reams of paperwork and seat-of-the-pants feelings to manage their workforce. This method may work for some businesses, but a more rigorous, data-driven process will likely yield better results.

Applying Technology to the Problem

Workforce Management Software helps you do all the things you need to keep your workforce and your business running well. Keep reading to find out how workforce management software could work for your business:

  • Recruiting / Onboarding

Hiring the right people is a challenge for every business. The old way of recruiting involves sorting through piles of resumes, hoping to find the best applicants. Now, you can use your website for recruiting; you can use automated tools to find the applicants that meet your needs quickly. Once you hire new people, technology makes the onboarding process work better by providing personalized information to every new employee.

  • Scheduling

What is the most efficient way to schedule your workers? How many extra staff do you need for the busiest times of the year? You could be scheduling more workers than you need or missing opportunities to increase efficiency. Using a workforce management system, you can analyze data from a variety of sources to find the optimum staffing level. Hiring the right number of workers is a key to maximizing productivity.

  • Personnel Review and Promotion

Your supervisors can tell you who your best-performing workers are. In most businesses, these workers are rewarded with promotions. There is a problem with this approach. An individual’s competency at his or her current job does not indicate fitness for another job. For instance, a worker who is an accomplished computer programmer may have no interest or competence in supervising others. Rather than moving your best workers out of their current positions, you can find other ways to reward them. Supervising other employees is a unique challenge; before you promote someone to this role, you need to know that he or she has the aptitude to excel. Your workforce management software can automatically parse personnel reviews for keywords that indicate supervisory ability. When you are ready to promote someone, your software can generate a list of potentially qualified applicants and give you a head start on the selection process.

  • Succession Planning

Every business is subject to attrition. Your employees may reach retirement age, move to another city or even take a job with another firm. When this happens, it can severely hamper productivity. Do you have a plan to keep your business running if you lose a key employee? Your workforce management software can help you find qualified replacements for these employees. Once you find the right people, you can offer them additional training and mentoring so they will be ready to take over when the time comes.

HCM Solutions ROI Calculator

Managing your workforce well is an essential element of your overall business strategy. Technology has revolutionized many aspects of running a business; workforce management is no exception to this rule. Workforce management software can help you in every phase of workforce management, from hire to retire.

Paypro Workforce Management Solutions gives you the services you need while putting your needs first. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that give you the accurate, real-time information you need to make informed decisions. Please contact us with questions – we are here to help simplify your workforce management!

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