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Paypro’s Bob GaNun Does His Part to Raise Funds and Awareness for Childhood Cancer


The St. Baldrick’s Foundation exists to change the realities of childhood cancer.  Each year there are 300,000 children worldwide that are diagnosed with cancer.  In the U.S., more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease combined.  By working closely with leading pediatriconcologists, the foundation determines the most promising research to create the greatest impact for children with cancer. At Paypro, we are proud to have Bob Ganun, our benefit’s specialist, be such a dedicated and proactive voice for this cause.

Bob began his journey with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation 10 years ago when the local pastor at Our Lady of Victory in Floral Park asked him a simple favor, to shave his head in order to raise awareness and funds for St. Baldricks. The Floral Park community fundraiser honors the memory of a local boy, 9-year-old Aiden Binkley, who passed away from Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of Pediatric cancer.  After that first year Bob decided to take on organizing the event and became hooked.  Bob is grateful for his 3 healthy children and happy to give back to those families who are battling childhood cancer.

Over the span of 10 years, the Floral Park St Baldrick’s event has raised close to $2.5 million dollars to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  The last 2 years, Floral Park has been the #7 fundraiser out of roughly 2,300 head shaving events!


Interested in getting involved?  Learn more here




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