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Using an LMS to Improve Remote Team Productivity

Using an LMS to Improve Remote Team Productivity

An LMS is a Learning Management System designed to deliver training and assist with professional development for your workforce. Now more than ever, organizations are seeking self-driven training to connect widespread employees working from a distance. LMS helps improve onboarding, while keeping current employees up to date on changing industry demands.

Here’s how the benefits of an LMS to improve remote team productivity.

Easy Reference Tool

The very nature of cloud-based LMS provides a library of ready to use references for employees who might need a quick refresher on the job. Your entire collection of learning tools such as training videos, easy infographics, documents, and records are available to remote workers when they need them. This central storage system makes it easy to meet the needs of each individual employee’s training needs, while you use plug-ins to track and manage their training requirements and ongoing progress.

Maintain Team Relationships

Remote work can lead to feelings of isolation which can negatively affect morale. Your LMS platform can improve team communication using forums, or even team-based gamified learning, so people work together to reach common goals. This is an important solution to help keep teams working together and feeling they are an important part of a greater community.

Teams receive support from fellow workers and managers and can even participate in brainstorming sessions, “water cooler” chats, keep up to date on each other’s progress and more. These are important elements to a workforce accustomed to interacting with their co-workers in more meaningful ways. They can even share tips on remote work to help improve productivity.  



The pandemic has added many challenges to the remote worker setup. Some employees face ongoing babysitting issues, which can tax their availability. While they need to work to feed their families, they also must balance time to care for them. Should emergencies arise, LMS provides flexibility for team members to train when it suits their schedules.


While people use the LMS to become more collaborative, your organization can use it to promote your company culture. Your learning tools can include team-building exercises groups and departments work on together. People can volunteer to assist in areas where they hold strengths, mentorship partners can be created through boards, and company-wide opportunities suddenly become more accessible to a wider pool of talent due to improved connectivity. This provides a more attractive work environment when the company culture is supportive of growth despite the challenges of remote workforces.

Accessible Skills Boosts

Suddenly your entire workforce has access to improve their skills. You can provide elective training opportunities that allow workers to elevate their skills to pursue internal and external opportunities. Such opportunities are a huge talent attractor as candidates see joining your company provides training they need to continue moving forward in a successful career. However, it also allows each worker the chance to share their goals with their managers more freely, and demonstrate their sincere commitment to gaining the skills required to meet those goals.

Tracking Progress

From an HR standpoint, LMS allows HR teams to encourage online learning, while easily tracking what courses each employee is taking. Whether they are compliance related, or you offer courses designed to incentivize closing skills gaps within the company, you remain on top of progress without the need to manually record each course and who has completed what. You can receive notices for courses required when completed and even arrange to send reminders to team members so they can remain compliant with training requirements.

Improved Internal Talent Pool

By providing professional support for each employee you will see improved performance. As the workforce learns more about the business, they become motivated to pursue further training that will help them improve optics and become more likely to be selected for promotion or lateral moves they desire. They boost their skills and the company organization in turn boosts your internal talent pool. Professional development keeps your workforce strong, engaged and motivated which in turn improves productivity.

LMS Benefits to Optimize Skill Sets

When you maximize your LMS, you provide the exact courses required to keep people productive. The benefits of LMS allow you to:

  • Track progress to ensure both compliance and growth requirements are being met
  • Weed out less popular courses to keep your training options robust and easier to peruse
  • Choose the channel of training that is most effective whether it is video, interactive, gaming, group/individual studies, etc.
  • Offer better certifications for professional growth
  • Use competition to improve results
  • Set goals suited to the individuals desired career path

A customized LMS develops with your team and remains ahead of needs ensuring growth is possible and productivity improves.

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