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How does your company manage its workforce? No doubt you have at least one department dedicated to overseeing this, through budgeting, accounting, and other practices that ensure effective utilization of all the resources at your disposal.

But how do you manage your human capital? Your employees are assets too, and if you don’t make full use of the time and talents that they utilize while at work, you could end up with wasted value that ultimately hurts your bottom line. The solution is Workforce Management (WFM) software. Here are 4 of the top reasons why you should be using a WFM platform in your company and how it can help you.

1. It’s an All-in-One Solution. WFM gathers together all the data about each employee and puts it in a single, central location, eliminating cumbersome manual records and conflicting software programs across different departments. The information can be accessed by any department that needs it, as well as by the employees themselves. If payroll needs to check whether an employee’s last check had their promised bonus attached, that’s part of WFM. If HR needs to look at their hours or attendance over the last month, that’s in WFM too. If an employee wants to see how much vacation time they still have left this year, it’s in WFM. Everything is at your fingertips when you need it, eliminating questions and discrepancies between departments.

2. It’s Cloud-Based. We live in a digital world. Most of the work that used to require you to be chained to a desk all day can now be done mobily, from anywhere in the world. This means that a lot of employee data may need to be accessible to people outside the office. Whether they’re working from home today, in a client meeting across town, or making professional connections at a conference in another state, cloud-based WFM software can be accessed anywhere, from any device, as long as you have an Internet connection or 4G.

3. Data Security. To say “anyone can access the information at any time” is a bit misleading. Sure, the software is available to any employee who needs it, but that doesn’t mean anybody can simply look at everyone else’s private data at the touch of a button. That would be a serious violation of a number of workplace privacy regulations. Therefore, while information is freely available to those who need it, access is also strictly regulated. Information is all password protected, and access is only given on an as-needed basis. So one employee can’t access the files of their coworkers without permission, and all data is encrypted and firewall protected to prevent unauthorized access. In effect, by uniting all of your employee data into one place, it makes it more secure than it would be if everyone kept separate files.

4. Employee Engagement. By allowing employees to see their WFM info at a glance, from payroll information to time and labor to benefits, it makes them more actively involved in their own performance. They can see how many absences they have over the last month, how many vacation days they have left, the results of their latest performance review, etc. Having this information on hand makes it easier for them to adjust their performance as necessary. It also eases the burden on HR, who no longer has to process requests for this information.

These are just a few of the ways that WFM software can improve your company’s productivity and overall bottom line. If you’re not handling your employees and their data the same way you handle your company’s other assets, then you’re wasting a lot of valuable time and resources. What are some ways you could use a WFM software platform to benefit your company and employees?

Paypro Workforce Management Solutions gives you the services you need while putting your needs first. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that give you the accurate, real-time information you need to make informed decisions. Please contact us with questions – we are here to help simplify your workforce management!

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