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Paypro Corporation Makes W-2s Available on its You’ve Got Paid® Solution

HAUPPAUGE, New York (December 3, 2013) – Paypro Corporation will be making individual employees’ W-2s available as part of its You’ve Got Paid® solution in January 2014 starting with 2013 W-2s at no extra charge. This enhancement will allow employees to view, print and download their W-2 information quickly and easily. In addition, Paypro’s partnership with Intuit’s TurboTax® will make it easy and secure for employees to download their tax information directly into their tax returns.

Ken Porcelli, Paypro’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “Last year we added benefits statements to our You’ve Got Paid® solution and with the addition of the availability of W-2s, I believe that we have created a valuable and powerful employee self-service tool”.

Although W-2s will be made available on the You’ve Got Paid® website, employees will still receive the mandatory paper copy of their W-2s in January 2014. New and current users of the You’ve Got Paid® solution will receive this service at no extra charge.

“We are very excited that we are partnering with Intuit’s TurboTax®, the number one rated, best-selling tax software to make it easy for employees to download their W-2 information right into their tax returns eliminating errors and ensuring government compliance”, Porcelli continued.

About You’ve Got Paid®

You’ve Got Paid® is the electronic and secure distribution of pay information, benefits statements and W-2s. With Paypro’s You’ve Got Paid® solution, employees can conveniently access copies of their electronic pay stubs via email or via smart phone, electronic tablet, or other Internet enabled device as well as view and print pay history via a secure website.

About Paypro Corporation

Paypro is a workforce management solution provider offering an integrated, single source for payroll and tax services, HR management, time and attendance, benefits and benefit administration, retirement and risk management. Paypro offers an alternative to the inflexible, impersonal, bureaucratic national providers. Paypro’s classic value proposition consists of one-on-one, dedicated personal service and problem solving collaboration.

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