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Quick Disaster Relief (QDR)

Employees Need Relief During This Uncertain Time?

Let Paypro Help With Our Quick Disaster Relief (QDR) Account Offering


We want to continue to be a resource for you and your employees by alleviating additional stress where we can at this time. TheQuick Disaster Relief (QDR) Account Offering through our partnership with Ameriflex, will aim to do just that. 

With a fast enrollment turnaround using our Paypro Benefits Card, your employees can swiftly get access to funds when they need it.

The program, which falls under IRS Code Section 139, gives employers the ability to reimburse their employees fordisaster-related expenses resulting from COVID-19 on a pre-tax basis.  

Key features of the QDR:

  • Personal, family, living or funeral expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19; and 
  • Expenses incurred for repair or rehab to a personal residence or repair and replacement of its contents if that expense is attributable to COVID-19.  
  • Examples of these COVID-19 related expenses include:
  • Medical expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19, 
  • Childcare expenses due to school or daycare closures
  • Increased home utilities expenses like internet and phone while individuals  are working remotely from home 

Benefits of the QDR: 

  • 100% employer funded 
  • No maximum or minimum contribution and the entire amount is pre-tax to the employer 
  • Employer funds the debit card that employees simply swipe to make purchases 
  • No substantiation required for employees 
  • Easy and fast to implement, providing immediate relief for people who need it most 
  • Serves as a great engagement strategy for employers wanting to mitigate 
    thnumber of employees taking extended FMLA and Paid Sick Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  

QDR Account Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q:  Can a group set the start and end date for the QDR?
    A:  Yes, a group can absolutely those parameters.
  • Q:  Who can be a caretaker?
    A:   A grandparent, neighbor, aunt, cousin, the employee’s child who is 19 or older and is not tax-dependent.
  • Q:   Are owners exempt from participating
    A:   Except for owners of C-Corporations, owners of all other entities are barred from participation in tax-favored plans. This is because they would benefit twice – once as the owner of the business and again as an individual participant. This is not permitted.