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Using Workforce Reporting Software And Analytics Tools

Automating your HR processes simplifies your backend, offering custom analytical and workforce reporting options for your organization.

Workforce Reporting Software

  • Modern workforce reporting software should include a range of advanced reports that help to provide instant access to critical metrics.
  • Gain a complete top-down view of your employees’ daily labor activities to help you identify areas for improvement.
  • Identify cost-saving measures that you can take through the improved visibility provided by workforce analytics.

What is Workforce Reporting Software?

  • Workforce reporting software enables managers and HR teams to assess workforce productivity metrics.
    • Get Accurate Snapshots of Workforce Activity to determine key insights
    • Gain Visibility To Identify Trends and Cost Savings to make quicker decisions
    • Create Custom Reports Through A Simple Dashboard to plan confidently
  • The platform should pull data from multiple sources, from time tracking, to managers’ new hire applications and employee database files.
  • Build simple and detailed reports about various aspects of your workforce management procedures to better understand your workforce.
  • Arm yourself with valuable data that can be used to improve your workforce management practices.

How Does Reporting Software Allow You to Anticipate Employee Needs?

  • The system keeps your team ahead of the curve by alerting them to upcoming performance reviews, when an employee is approaching overtime, and more.
  • Identify issues without having to solicit feedback from your teams.
  • Better understand your employees with systems for in-depth analysis. Identify skill gaps.
  • Better understand where inefficiencies lie.
  • Improve and optimize your hiring practices to better mesh with the insights provided by your workforce analytics solution.

Workforce Analytics Software

How Can Analytics Tools Increase Efficiency and Save Money?

  • The right analytics platform can give your managers insight into whatis working most efficiently, and what isn’t, which directly impacts your bottom line.
  • Software as a solution also makes compliance simple, meaning your HR team can move beyond manually entering and tracking data and focus on higher level initiatives.
  • Identify present skill gaps through detailed analysis. Understand where you lack talent.
  • Know where skill gaps and other issues might arise in the future through in-depth forecasting.
  • Provide quick and simple access through a web-based system. Your HR teams can use your workforce analytics system to gain insight into your operations anywhere, anytime.
  • Educate executives with a high-level view of your labor force’s key metrics.

The Right Software For Your Organization

  • Workforce reporting software can be utilized by every team member in your organization.
  • Work with your HR teams to identify which workforce reporting and analytics features will be most useful to your organization.
  • Paypro works to understand and streamline your business processes. Work with our team of consultants to upgrade processes and increase efficiencies throughout your company. Once procedures are agreed upon our teams will expertly implement our software solution to turn on a more streamlined and automated system.
  • After doing our in depth analysis we ensure that the metrics and data most important to your current operations are included and turned into easily digestible reports.
  • Work with expert consultants to determine which solutions might be the best fit for your company.

Creating a Checklist of Requirements

  • Paypro provides a multi-faceted solution platform which includes:
    • Payroll tracking and forecasting
    • Employee performance
    • Benefits compliance
    • Remote access and desktop compatibility
    • Administrative and employee portals
    • And, more!