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Paypro’s Learning Management System For Your Workforce

At Paypro, our 360 HR platform allows for easy integration with learning management system software that can support the full needs of your industry and workforce. 

In-office or remote employees easily learn anytime, anywhere – utilizing  automated assignments, comprehensive completion records, and version control. Your HR team has easy auditing and real-time assessment and analysis, while employees can choose from audio, video, digital docs, instructor-led, or virtual reality. 

Hosted LMS Solutions For Any Industry

Paypro’s Learning Management System helps you create effective HR management strategies for any industry by offering access to a broad spectrum of HR topics including but not limited to:

Harassment & Diversity

  • A Manager’s Guide to Diversity, Inclusion, and Accommodation
  • Diversity on the Job: The Importance of Diversity and the Changing Workplace
  • Bullying and Violence in the Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (Also available in Spanish)

Compliance & Legal

  • EEO and Lawful Hiring
  • HIPAA – Privacy Rule for Business Associates
  • Union Awareness
  • FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leave

Environment & Climate

  • Environmental Regulations Overview
  • Biosafety Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal
  • Hazardous Material Handling and Storage
  • Hazardous Materials in the Workplace

Workplace Safety

  • OSHA & General Safety
  • Behavior-based Safety for Supervisors
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Defensive Driving (Also available in Spanish)

Human Resources

  • Leadership
  • People Operations
  • Performance Management
  • Wellness

Computer & IT

  • Cybersecurity: Practical Steps to Avoid Risk
  • IT Security for End Users: IT Security Fundamentals
  • Preventing Identity Theft

Customer Service

  • Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization
  • Customer Advocacy: Communicating to Build Trusting Customer Relationships
  • Customer-driven Process Improvement: Identifying Customer Needs
  • Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict

Professional Development

  • Managing Effective Business Meetings
  • Are You Listening to Your Customers?
  • Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation Workplace Conflict: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts

Using An LMS To Train And Certify Workforce Compliance

“There is a risk management aspect to HR. Our worst nightmare is litigation. So being able to use a software system that aids you in being compliant gives peace of mind that’s hard to put a value on.” – Mary D., client since 2005

LMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system uses software to administer, document, track, report and deliver training and educational courses. They are commonly used for learning and development programs and are delivered as fully automated “eLearning” programs.

What Will an LMS Do for You?

You will empower your staff with the confidence to improve their performance, while also ensuring they understand compliance as it changes. You will improve safety and efficiencies, while also improving retention. Staff will see you support individual growth to help meet their career goals. Overall, you improve performance, achieve operational excellence, and create tangible HR strategies.

Why Use a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is an affordable way to improve your onboard training and continuous learning strategy. Easy online access through your own hosted LMS solutions offers complete automation making it possible to track employee progress, improve compliance while also helping each person reach their individual career goals. Employee compliance for training is also improved as training becomes more engaging. Data and tracking allow you to compare results, effectiveness, and performance throughout an employee’s career cycle.