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Employee Engagement

PayPro Benefits


If Your HR Team Is Spending Time Administering Employee Benefits Instead Of Creating An Employee Retention Strategy, Paypro Offers Easy Solutions For Your Needs.


Our end-to-end employee benefits software includes benefits, training, employee retention, and company-wide communication tools allowing you to not just attract, but also retain top talent. You can create and implement competitive benefits packages, leverage employee engagement strategies, create employee handbooks and ensure participation with the help of our HR expertise.


Employee Benefits Education and Training


Paypro specializes in education and training solutions to improve your business from within. You can give your employees opportunities to gain experience, with a wide range of online resources providing the guidance and support they need to meet their career goals. Our resources are designed to offer learning opportunities to nurture skills that empower employees to not just perform their current duties but to remain forward-thinking in their careers. They can develop adaptive skill sets that ensure success in their future roles. You can improve retention by providing career growth in a supportive culture that focuses on education and upskilling.


Find and Keep the Best Talent with Employee Retention Strategies


Today’s collective workforce is deeply entrenched in social channels that make it easy to share insights into employer culture, challenges, and benefits. As a result, your own workforce has become your most valuable asset as “brand ambassadors” who can positively impact your ability to recruit and retain top talent. 


Employee engagement should be your number one priority creating a workforce with an “all in” attitude fully supporting your company culture and employer brand. Paypro can help navigate strategies that nurture your brand loyalty and boost employee engagement and retention. We help you put your best face forward demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility through comprehensive employee support.


Streamline with a Self-Service Employee Benefit Hub


Paypro’s self-serve employee benefits portal automates those low-value, time-consuming tasks allowing your HR team to focus on recruitment and retention strategy. Our employee benefits software creates a customized self-service “hub” offering end-to-end solutions streamlining benefits management and improving employee access. 


Our user-friendly platform is accessible any time anywhere allowing individuals to manage benefits without depending on your HR team. You decide how you wish to distribute your engagement resources whether it is based on role, location, or even hire date. Educational opportunities are also available through your employee benefits hub whether it is self-driven based on the individual’s goals, or mandatory training to meet the needs of their role.


Empowering Employees with Engagement Resources


At Paypro we are all about customer service. Your HR team is the customer service department for your employees. By ensuring your HR team has the tools they need to engage your employees their level of customer service skyrockets. Providing convenient employee tools to self-manage their own benefits and training needs, employees know they are valued.


Get Started With Paypro

Now is the time to regain control of your benefits program and find support from a team of benefits and COBRA experts. Paypro’s White Glove Benefits Management is customized to meet your needs. Our end-to-end solutions empower you to nurture a skilled workforce and take the guesswork out of benefits administration and compliance.