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Wellness And Mindfulness For Your Employees At Anytime

Introducing Paypro Health
Making it easier to take care of those you care about 

Paypro’s latest self-service online portal is 100% focused on your employees’ wellbeing. The Paypro Wellness Center is designed to provide your team with voluntary wellness services at reasonable fees, without cost or additional administrative burdens for your HR team. Here’s how our Wellness Center unlocks important wellness benefits directly to your employees.   

Mental Wellness: The New Health Benefit 

The arrival of the pandemic has placed more pressure on organizations to introduce mental health support into their HR retention strategy. However, this also places more demand on HR teams and budgets. Not so with Paypro’s Wellness Center. This easy, self-serve resource allows you to embrace mental wellness programs that employees access at reasonable rates with $0 copays and no cost or administrative burden to you.

Why Offer Paypro’s Wellness Center? 

Our new wellness portal is designed to ease demand on your HR department while bringing your employees the health and wellness services they need. Our service is offered:

  • Direct to your employees – no need for you as the employer to sponsor the plan
  • With no minimum of employees to participate
  • With the elimination of annual enrollment – no dependence on open enrollment

As a result, you improve optics associated with employee support to help attract and retain top talent.

The Power of Telehealth Services

We leverage the power of Telehealth, a state of the art electronic information and telecommunication technology that provides easy access to healthcare. Your employees have access to Board Certified Physicians 24/7/365 with no copay for non-acute conditions and little copay for specialists such as Behavioral Health, Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychiatric sessions, and Dermatology. This is all available with:

  • No claim incurred by the member or insurance carrier
  • Doctors can recommend treatment, diagnose your symptoms, and write prescriptions for non-emergency medical conditions consulting doctor will prescribe medicine or antibiotics and provide a prescription directly to the local pharmacy
  • Unlimited consults
  • Prescriptions are sent to the nearest pharmacy
  • Private and secure consultations

Simplicity allows employees to access the level of healthcare to suit their changing needs.


eMindful provides stress-reducing services anyone can easily integrate into their daily life. Everyone has their own stress triggers that can reduce productivity, negatively impact health, and interfere with a sense of happiness. With eMindful employees have access to: 

  • Daily, live instructor-led classes
  • A 24/7/365 on-demand video library
  • Enhanced on-demand content

Employees create personalized strategies and adopt skills that empower them to make purposeful decisions about their health and well-being. Individuals can focus on what affects them most from work-related stress to pain and from weight management and COVID-19 related issues to dealing with parenting or feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Apps are the easiest ways for employees to access fitness programs. Wellbeats is a virtual fitness app with 600+ classes, goal-based challenges, and fitness assessments suited to any age and ability level. People can choose based on their interests with the mode they feel most comfortable whether it is through tutorials, basic or advanced classes or from 1-60 minute workouts.


Peerfit is an app allowing users to search participating studios and gyms so they can access a variety of classes based on their preferences such as: 

  • Barre
  • Boot Camps
  • Boxing
  • CrossFit
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • TRX and more

Naturally Slim 

This clinical weight loss management method uses new techniques about how and when to eat, with a proven technology-based behavior program to help overcome poor eating habits and fight obesity. Employees learn the skills needed for lasting weight loss with real, measurable results. Based on science and with professional medical guidance it is an excellent way for employers to reduce occurrences of illness related to obesity such as Type 2 diabetes and Heart Disease.

 For more information on Paypro Health, speak to our team today.