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Your Remote WFM Software Can Run Smoothly!

With the right remote workforce management software, you can maintain productivity, track hours, assign schedules, process retirement and resignations, and improve hiring and onboarding from one system.

Critical Features Your Business Needs To Operate During COVID-19

Paypro’s Attestation and HR modules allows employers to easily ask their employees health screening questions in order to keep staff safe and track health and wellness throughout the workplace. COVID-19 screenings can be automated through the attestation module during the clock in process or via assigned wellness questions using our HR module. Watch our video to see these modules in action.



Keep Business Running Smoothly From Anywhere

Operational resilience has become a core feature of every organization’s business continuity plan and nowhere has that been more visible than the evolution to accommodate the emergence of the remote worker. Organizations across all industries have been forced to adopt work-from-home policies and provide alternative ways for workers to perform their duties.

Whether it is via telecommunication or company customized apps, remote work requires workforce management software to ensure employees remain productive and engaged. Paypro’s customized remote workforce management software provides the innovation, technology and efficiencies that allow your organization to integrate everything from onboarding to payroll and benefits management to employee development from an one easy to use mobile app.

Our remote workforce solutions allow you to meet the changing needs of a mobile, widely dispersed team to maintain connectivity and improve cost-effectiveness for HR driven roles and strategies – all from a 100% secure cloud solution that’s easily accessible via mobile app.

Overcoming Challenges Of A Remote Workforce 

Organizations of all sizes face similar challenges related to managing a remote workforce including:

  • Scheduling and payroll accuracies
  • Insufficient integrated systems to provide support to remote workers and HR/payroll teams
  • Multiple databases that lead to double entry errors
  • Less defined operational workflows
  • Lack of remote worker policies
  • Defining potential changes to roles
  • Tracking performance
  • Assigning duties
  • Measuring productivity
  • Providing career guidance, promotion, and training
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Information access restrictions and authorization
  • Helping employees maintain work/life balance
  • Remote recruitment and onboarding

With the right remote workforce management software, you can maintain productivity, track hours, assign schedules, process retirement and resignations, and improve hiring and onboarding from one system.

Improving Remote Policies With Workforce Management Software

A total workforce management system maximizes productivity and profits by tracking employee performance from initial application to retirement. HR departments gain more control over all employee management requirements allowing them to manage all aspects of an employee’s career effectively and efficiently. The system covers:

  • Day-to-day Functions
  • Employee Benefits
  • Paperless HR Management
  • Visibility to All Levels of Management

Initializing a system is easier than you think, allowing for quick adaptation to implement and accommodate a remote workforce.

Streamlining The Remote Workforce

Paypro’s team of certified workforce specialists can customize your system to meet the unique needs of the remote model. Using your existing processes as a guide, we provide a smooth transition to your new system. The process becomes more streamlined helping your HR team more easily integrate new work-from-home policies with existing processes to meet the needs of your varied teams.

Buy-in for the transition to a workforce management software is assured when your HR team sees they are involved in choosing the features of your new system. With approval, you can avoid hurdles that can hold up implementation. Instead, your team focuses on managing the more pressing issues of a demanding remote workforce.

Remote Employee And Management Access

Access to your new workforce management system provides assistance for both employees and managers who can:

  • Review and improve remote worker time management
  • Overcome common workflow bottlenecks to improve productivity
  • Understand where employee engagement and productivity are lagging and find solutions to resolve related issues
  • Ensure accountability across all departments to improve supervision
  • Fill security gaps to avoid cyber attacks
  • Implement employee access authorization based on worker roles
  • Reduce human error

With Paypro’s customized solutions, your organization can face the demands and challenges of the remote workforce capably, professionally, and successfully.